We All Need Therapy

Recently, I’ve been going through a lot of therapy and so far I’m learning so much about myself, my purpose and most importantly, my health.

For a long time, I completely put off therapy solely for the fear that it won’t really help me in the healing process, but sadly I was totally wrong. God created therapists for a reason, and if He created them, then there’s probably a reason why He did so. And since I started taking therapy a lot more seriously, I began to see why.

Most of the successful, goal driven and talented people I look up to all have one thing in common. They have a therapist!. And for a long time, I always assumed they probably had a very shitty life behind closed doors hence why they all had therapists, but come to find out that, that wasn’t necessarily the case. These people use therapy as a way of staying emotionally healthy, and I was completely wrong to even think that it’s only people who have a shitty life that need therapy.

Since starting my own journey with therapy, I’ve learned how important it is that we all get some for ourselves. Yes, it can be quite expensive….but if you do have the money to spend on it, I’d say go for it! A lot of us tend to look down on therapy (myself included), and it’s really sad because I can’t even begin to describe how it has absolutely changed my life for the better.

I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what I intend to do with my life, and I’m also starting to see the vision for this blog as well as other platforms I have. And for a long time of running around in circles lacking direction and focus, I’m slowly starting to see the path I was always supposed to be on. Most importantly, I’m also starting to really see my worth and value as I progress.

we all need therapy

What therapy has been teaching me:

Identity: When I started embracing my identity a lot more, my purpose became so much clearer as well as my wounds. I began to notice how some of these wounds occured due to the sole fact that I never really learned to love myself in Christ, and because of that, I always ended up in situations and friendships that were completely unhealthy.

Saying NO: I am such a yes person, it sucks. But I’m starting to realize the value in saying NO. Since I started learning how important my NO’s are, I haven’t been the same anymore. If something isn’t going to add value to my life, I’m just going to say NO. Because In the past, I always said yes out of people pleasing, without realizing that I kept breaking my own heart in the process.

we all need therapy

Letting go: One thing I’ve been doing a lot since therapy began is learning to let go. I’ve had to let go of a lot of people. And in the process, I’ve also learned to forgive as I release.

Someone else’s opinion of me is not by business: From all I’ve learned so far, this has been the biggest one. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I tend to care too much about what others think that I often lose myself in the process. But then again, I also think it has to do with a lot of insecurities that I had buried and ignored within me. Learning that people’s opinions of me (which is often times wrong) is not my business has really changed my perspective of how I view the world in general.

Working out is great: I’ve been waking up daily to go for runs and It has really allowed me gain so much clarity. Sometimes, a little workout does a great job at releasing confusion in order to gain more clarity. And I have been loving it so far… (although my thighs frigging hurt),.. but the physical pain has definitely clared up a ton of emotional mess for me.

Privacy is essential: I’m really seeing the value in privacy and choosing what to share and what not to share with the world. And so far, It has been helping me stay grounded and humble.

We all need therapy: Yes, even you reading this post right now. The truth is; a lot of us are wounded. Some of us know we are and address it right away, while the rest of us try to bury it and act like it’s not even there.

For a while I buried mine and acted like it wasn’t even there without realizing that I was breaking into pieces by doing so. And the more I broke into those tiny pieces, the less I became capable of truly loving others. Thankfully, God revealed how wounded I was, so taking care of that was the next step.

Till next time,

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