How Did You Spend Your Time Online Before Social Media?

Recently, I was scrolling through my twitter when I stumbled across this question posted by @cvrlne that said: “How did you spend your time online before social media? (pre 2008)”

At first, when I saw that question, my mind went blank because I couldn’t even remember what my life was like before social media started taking over the internet.

But after a bit of pondering, my mind started putting the pieces back together by taking me on a long journey back to memory lane.

spend time online before the rise of social media

Yahoo Answers:

I used to stay on yahoo answers all the time and answer a ton of questions using my dad’s email. At that time I was only 10 years old, but I sure felt like I had enough wisdom to give 30-year-olds relationship advice. That was basically my favourite joint. And each time I got access to the internet, I would sleep on forums.

Until one faithful day.

I posted a relationship question because apparently I was crushing on a dude who lived down my street and I wanted to know if he liked me. So stupidly, I asked “How would you know if a boy likes you” and I went on to write my entire life story anonymously in hopes that some other 30-year-old would give me the secret.

It was going nice and well the first couple days. People were slowly starting to answer my question. Then suddenly I got a random call from my dad.

And you probably guessed it. It was the call of death.

Since I was using my dad’s email–because I wasn’t old enough to have a yahoo mail account at that time–I didn’t know that he was receiving all answer notifications.

So when he came home asking me about the boy down the street. I had no fucking idea how to respond.

So I started lying my ass off.

I was such a bad liar, but somehow he happened to believe me. Sadly though, after that, I couldn’t go back on yahoo answers again because I felt like my secret place has been invaded.

MSN and AIM: 

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this one. Because MSN and AIM were like the dream facebook messenger at that time. Unfortunately, my parents shipped me off to boarding school, so I only got access during the holidays.

Anyways, those were like my two favourite places online before facebook and myspace started gaining more popularity.

What were some of your favourite places to hang out online before social media started becoming popular? I would really love to know.

Till next time,

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