Why Do We Take God For Granted If We Don’t Like Being Taken For Granted

Why Do We Take God For Granted If We Don’t Like Being Taken For Granted

I used to be the girl who would sin repeatedly and ask for forgiveness repeatedly. It was something I did because apparently everyone was doing it, and I felt it was okay. Sunday was basically my repent day, so I would allow myself to sin all week with the intention that Sunday morning at church would be my grace period.

I would tell myself, “Jesus already died for our sins, so all I have to do is just ask for forgiveness”. And this habit led me to purposely sin, knowing that I would still be forgiven either way.

However, after going through my recent salvation experience, my mindset completely changed.

When I finally surrendered and “genuinely” allowed Christ into my life, I noticed a massive change internally.

I suddenly became a new person. And now I completely understand what 1 Corinthians 5:17 meant when it said: “old things have passed and behold all things have become new“. My old way of thinking suddenly changed and I felt so much guilt knowing that my thought process used to be that way.

One of the major guilt that I felt was knowing that this whole time I would take God for granted.

Perhaps, I really didn’t love Christ the way I had thought I did.

Honestly speaking, we are all so quick to talk about how much we love God, but the truth is that we really don’t. Cause if we did, we wouldn’t be breaking most of His commandments.

In fact, if we really did love Him, we would strive for godliness as much as we can, without seeing it as a chore or burden that we have to do in order to have eternal life.

God for granted

Stop taking God for granted!

Think of it this way; You’re dating someone and you claim to love the person, yet you cheat, steal, break their heart OVER AND OVER AGAIN while still asking for forgiveness in return. Is it really love?

And you probably do this because you know that your partner is going to forgive you each time you choose to be a jerk.

The same can be related to how we treat Christ.

We sin over and over again, but because we know he is still faithful, we take Him for granted.

And it’s so sad because there can never be such unconditional love found amongst we humans.

So why do we still choose to consistently take Him for granted if we know that we would absolutely hate it if someone did the same to us?

Matthew 22:37-38 talks about loving the Lord with all our hearts, soul and mind, as the first and greatest commandment. But apparently, a lot of us are already breaking that commandment. Cause if you truly claim to love God, you would keep his commandments (John 14:15).

In addition, if we really did love Him, we would be so willing to brag to everyone about Him to both believers and unbelievers. Just the same way we would brag to friends and family members about our new boo as soon as we get one.

Stop Taking God For Granted

Stop trying to be in control!

Another reason why I feel like a lot of us take Christ for granted is the mindset of wanting to be in control.

And that cannot happen.

We didn’t create ourselves and we have no control over our lives, if not we would probably be immortal or something.

So knowing that we aren’t in control, why do we take for granted the one that has the ability to control us?

Knowing that Christ died for our sins, why do we take advantage of that opportunity to encourage sinning?

We try so hard to twist the commandments to suit our lustful interests because of the need to be in control.

Why can’t we just stop taking God for granted and actually love and obey his commandments?

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but knowing that we are in a spiritual warfare with Satan and his demons should motivate us to actually love Christ for His faithfulness and stop taking Him for granted.

So let me ask, what are you currently doing to stop taking God for granted? Let me know in the comments below.

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