I Spoke In Tongues And I Can’t Thank Father Enough

I Spoke In Tongues And I Can’t Thank Father Enough

Yesterday (September 29th, 2018) was an amazing day. My Christian group was having a huge event chosen by Father. He specifically chose that particular date because it was the day He intended to open up the Heavens and pour out His blessing. There were so many revelations about it and it was even mentioned across a few websites as prophecies of what He was going to do for His children in True Christianity.

A few days before the event, Abba showed me consecutive dreams about a demon trying to slice open my Head (lol). The first time, I was confused and prayed about it. But then it happened again. This time around, in the dream, I saw the Holy Spirit and He told me to rebuke the demon. I woke up extremely confused and fearful.

So the day of the event, I called my second mentor (Sunesis) and He basically interpreted the dream for me. Mr Sunesis mentors me so well, each time we speak, my spiritual knowledge advances. He is such a blessing and I’m so thankful for the way Father is using Him.

spoke in tongues 2

The attack

Shortly after we had gotten off the phone, I started to prepare for the event. All of a sudden, I couldn’t pray for some odd reason. My thoughts became so polluted with garbage. An event I had prepared days for suddenly turned out to be slipping away due to thoughts of condemnation. The enemy was basically attacking me and I began to cry. I felt like I couldn’t continue at the event and I just sat on the floor, completely hopeless and sobbing.

Then I called my close friend (Chidalu) who basically told me to know my authority and who I am in Christ. Abba was thankfully using her to reach me because I didn’t even know when the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. Immediately we got off the phone, I began to pray spiritual warfare prayers. I prayed until I started sweating, both in the spiritual and the physical. Sanctifying my home and room in the process. While doing so, I felt a clear atmosphere and something suddenly leave me.

Father was using the dreams to warn me about dangers. But most importantly, He wanted me to stop being so much of a baby and actually know whose child I am. He wanted me to stop being so afraid and stand up to whatever circumstance I was facing. But most importantly, He wanted me to know my authority!

Spoke in tongues again

A moment to remember

I immediately got back online to the live event and started praying heavily. I threw my hands up in the air because Abba had already opened up the heavens for us. Immediately, I started to speak in tongues for the first time. I cried heavily after because I’ve been waiting for the gift for a short while now and He poured His spirit into me as a blessing. I did all sorts of falling and moving because the anointing was so strong. Crying in tears of joy was so strong because nothing is better than Abba’s love and wonderful presence.

We basically experienced the Acts of the Apostles yesterday. It was amazing!!. So many blessings and healings happened to people. Flying in the spiritual and physical as well. Heaven was truly ready to entertain us. Jesus was ready for us. How GREAT is our God??? How GREAT!!!

I love Him soo soo soo much. He is literally my everything and without Him, I have absolutely nothing. If I had all the wealth in the world and all the fame in the world and didn’t have Abba and His presence, I would still be extremely miserable. In fact, I would be more miserable than anything. With Him, I have everything I could ever have. I love Him so much. And I really wish everyone could experience this type of love because He loves us all just the same way. No favourites!

So many prophecies for True Christianity came that day, and I’m so thankful to Abba for the many things He is doing and continuously does in our lives. There’s nothing greater than our God. Nothing!

I love you Dad,

Love your Daughter, Eleanor.

Till next time,

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  1. Abolade
    October 1, 2018 / 1:49 am

    Wow. Thank God for pouring out His Spirit!

    Please how can I join this christian group?

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