Importance Of Being Content With What You Have

Importance Of Being Content With What You Have

In a generation where everyone is looking to be the next Bill Gates, it can be very hard for one to be content. We obsess over wanting more without really being happy with the little we have, even when what we own is just enough for us to be satisfied.

The concept of “Less is more” is no longer seen as positive, but a burden that a lot of us want to run away from. We define happiness with how much “wealth” we have, rather than how “satisfied” we are when we have little. And this concept is seen as the norm nowadays in our society.

I used to be so guilty of this. Being the overly ambitious person that I am, longing for more became a character I encouraged. Sometimes, even when I had just enough to get by, I still felt like I needed more.

Since receiving Christ, I had to let go of that mindset, because all it did was fuel greed. And as a Christian, greed is something that we should try to avoid at all costs. Because that’s not what Christ wants for us.

So for this post, I want you guys to see contentment as something that you should strive for. Instead of constantly being in the position of wanting more, maybe consider being happy with what God has already given you.

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Importance of Being Content

  • You don’t obsess over worldly things

The scriptures emphasize staying away from worldly lusts which I find to be one of the major culprits of not being content.  When you take away your mind from things of the world, you would find yourself being more content with the little that you have.

Know that the world is always advancing. There’s always a new form of advancement happening. Whether it’s a new technology upgrade or a newer style of dressing, we are constantly changing. And my advice would be to stay away from the latest trends as such tend to drive one away from being content.

When you become so of the world, you begin to obsess over trends that could have a negative impact on the way you approach the opportunities you currently have at your doorstep.

However, when you are content, these things wouldn’t faze you. A cell phone is still a cell phone, whether its the latest upgrade or not. It still performs its most important use, which is communication.

  • There’s no jealousy

A lot of people aren’t content due to jealousy, especially now with the age of social media. Seeing others be so of the world and engaging in extravagant spending could certainly fuel jealousy. And as we already know, jealousy only leads to disorder and vile practices (James 3:16).

However, when you’re content, there wouldn’t be any need to feel jealous. Knowing that you have enough to suit your basic needs is a good reason to not entertain jealousy.

Also, most people are motivated to succeed because they envy their neighbours (Ecclesiastes 4:4), and this could, in turn, make one lack contentment.

Keep in mind that it’s not bad to want certain things, however, if your reason for wanting more comes from a space of jealousy or envy, then it’s automatically seen as bad.

Being content always

  • More blessings

The Lord sees the heart and judges if you’re content or not. So just imagine how much more He would bless you if you have a heart of contentment that doesn’t obsess over needing more.

After all, the Lord knows your needs, so instead seek the Kingdom of God and live righteously and all of it would be added unto you (Matthew 6:33)

  • It Stops Greed 

Lack of contentment gives birth to greed. But, if you are content, it stops greed which is a culprit for the destruction of life (Proverbs 1:19).

And not only does it stop greed, but it also makes one less competitive. And since we live in a society where everyone is trying to compete with the next person, it can be quite difficult to find individuals who still remain content.

Know that competition isn’t a bad thing, however, if it comes from a place of greed, it automatically becomes evil.

  • It makes you humble  

Humility is a good trait that every Christian should have because, with humility, pride is prevented, which in turn stops greed and brings contentment.

People who lack humility tend to bring a lack of contentment upon themselves because they always seek to find resources to fuel their pride. As believers and loyal followers of Christ, this is an attitude we should not find amongst ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, everything is meaningless. The worldly things we constantly chase that bring a lack of contentment is still meaningless. So it’s only wise that we stay being content with what we have.

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