The Truth About Being A Godly Woman That Loves The Lord

The Truth About Being A Godly Woman That Loves The Lord

Since I embarked on my Christian journey as a godly woman, I thought it was going to be an easy one. I felt because I have Christ, then things should start going well for me, but that could only be further from my current reality.

I noticed that the more I drew closer to God, the more I saw people drift away from me without even realizing it. Thankfully, I still have friends that stayed and loved the new change within me.

This experience proved that when you are so of the world, people are going to love you. But when you are for Christ, people are going to hate you. Being the people pleaser that I am, it was sad to see this happening. I wished we could all get along regardless of how much I professed my love for the Lord, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

So I asked my Christian friends if they experienced the same issues when they got saved, and all of them literally had similar experiences. The closer you get to Christ, people are going to run away from you because lovers of the world don’t usually get along with lovers of Christ.

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You can’t be a godly woman and a worldly woman at the same time 

I started to see things from a different head space. When you are following the world and chasing earthly riches, you are basically serving satan. But when you are chasing the Kingdom of the Lord, your mindset isn’t set on earthly riches and fantasies that most people are after.

Also, with my new understanding of spiritual warfare and knowledge of the darkness that exists, I began to notice that it scares the demons in those people away. I saw this as a way of God alerting me that such individuals weren’t supposed to be in my life, hence why they cut off the moment I drew near.

It hurt to know that being a godly woman meant giving up on many things and people, but with the comfort of the Holy Spirit, I’ve been able to get through the process without feeling too sorry for the losses.

Even Jesus said that trials are inevitable in this world (John 16:33) and that’s something I always have to remember as a follower of Christ. Even though Jesus was without sin, the world still hated him. Which truly shows that you can’t please everyone even as a Child of the Lord. There would be people who are so of the world that won’t agree with your godly standards.

The peace that surpasses all understanding 

The good thing though is that amidst all the losses, I still have peace knowing that my goal is to please the Lord and not the world. In other words, if giving up on lovers of the world pleases God, then so be it!

Another change that occurred was seeing worldly men run away from me. Knowing that I’m no longer a girl that tolerates sin and sexual immorality (as it is disrespectful to my Father), they have chosen to walk away from me. I truly see this as a huge huge blessing in disguise, because now I can finally look forward to meeting the man that God has ordained for me.

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But to add to all of this, especially in terms of relationships, I’ve learned to be very careful with the men I communicate with on a regular basis. I am very much aware that there are wicked men who solely go after godly women to ruin them. These men come in all shapes, form and sizes. And since I was once a worldly girl, I’m able to easily identify them.

These are the men who claim to be saved but are not remotely close to salvation. They tend to be very good at covering up their selfish desires and worldly lusts by using God’s name as a cover-up. Also, amongst them are the false Christians (wolves in sheep’s clothing) who claim to be followers of Christ, but their lifestyles don’t align with the gospel. And lastly, there are the narcissists, who appear nice to the world but are true demons behind closed doors. I’ve experienced them all in the past and I know their schemes.

The Power of Prayer

I’ve also become a prayer warrior these past few weeks. Each time I encounter a new person, I begin to pray sword prayers. If they are from the Lord, they would keep coming back, but if they aren’t, then my sword prayers would chase away their demons thereby never hearing from them again. Being a godly woman has made me become more aware of the people that come into my life–  Be it friends or family members.

I’ve also come to understand with the help of the Holy Spirit after reading Matthew 10:34-36 that sometimes the enemies are right in my own household! So I always put my full trust in the Lord because not all family members have a deep respect for the Lord as I do. At the end of the day, I came into this world alone, and I’m going to exit it alone.

What is some truth to being a godly woman you’ll love to add? Let me know in the comments below 

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