I’m No Longer The Girl I Used To Be

It still amazes me that in two weeks, I will be turning 25. Where did all the years go?

I still remember when I turned 21, 4 years ago. At that time, I was still a depressed college student without a clue about the next four years of my life. I didn’t know that in those four years, I would lose loved ones, meet the love of my life, start a business, get a college degree, survive a car accident, move across the country, become a US resident, land a high paying job and eventually get married.

If I’m being honest, I thought many of these things would happen sometime in my late 30s or 40s. And if anyone had told me back then that all of it would come in a span of 4 years, I would have sucker punched them in the face and called them a liar.

But it’s funny how life works. It is a sign that we should never judge our future based on our current circumstances.

I cringe when I reflect on some of my old blog posts and journals. I’m no longer the girl I used to be. The girl I was then and the woman I am now are two completely different persons. I barely even recognize my younger self.

Though some things haven’t changed, like my love for food, many other things have changed for the better.

I no longer enjoy sharing my life or faith with the world as I once used to; I don’t particularly appreciate writing and would prefer speaking if given the opportunity. And social media these days annoys me.

I’ve now become the woman who loves to read books, would rather listen to a podcast than watching pointless Youtube videos, is interested in facts, not stupid theories, and is a die-hard lover of philosophy. Oh, and I’m not weak anymore. On the contrary, I’m much stronger than I ever was.

There was a time I thought I would never get to this level of growth and may end up the same young Eleanor in a grown woman’s body. However, I’m glad life brought the experiences that shaped me to become this new person.

I’m no longer the girl I used to be, and I’m happy for the growth that has taken place in me.

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Author: Eleanor Ajoku Henry

Hi! I'm Eleanor (Elley for short), and I'm a blogger and Podcaster. You can find me sharing my favorite recipes, travel adventures, and tips to inspire others to live their best lives.

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