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I’m Eleanor, an Engineer and lover of Junk Food. I’m super introverted and I do love to spend most of my days locked in my tiny apartment, binge watching TV shows and working full-time on the blog. 

I’m such a goal getter, and I strive to be a better version of myself each day. So far, it hasn’t been an easy journey, but everyday gets me one step closer to reaching my goal. 



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Before I came to Christ, life was easy for me with less suffering. Financially, I was stable. I had a good paying Engineering job. I had a ton of friends. My family wasn’t struggling financially.

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feeling very low

Feeling Very Low

Over the weekend, I went over to stay at Jennifer’s house. My roommate had just traveled for a wedding and I felt it would be the perfect time to do a sleep over at my

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Don't be rebellious

Don’t Be Rebellious

Father got me today. Apparently, for a while, I’ve been so rebellious and disobedient. I spent days, weeks and even months trying to cover up and hide my guilt instead of just coming clean about

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