Social Media Influencer Problems: Dealing with stress

Social Media Influencer Problems: Dealing with stress

So after scanning through my blog and social media, I just came to the realization that the past few weeks has just been filled with a bunch of makeup posts and reviews with no life update whatsoever. So I thought.. why not share with you guys what has been going on so far in this journey of mine called “LIFE”.

Well.. for the most part, I have been spending my ass working a full time job every week. I never really knew of the real world, until I began my co-op./internship this spring. Everyone is so quick to jump out and graduate college, but little do they know that the real world is just as stressful as the boring assignments and early morning lectures that college seems to throw at us.

I don’t hate the real world, or let alone, the full time lifestyle. It is an experience that I feel would definitely shape me for what reality is going to be like after I finally pick up my degree. However, one thing that I can definitely tell you that I truly do not like about the real world is just how stressful it can be.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with stress. Not in the most terrible way that one might think, but rather, in a way where I feel like I barely ever get enough sleep and time to myself. A lot has been going on for the past few weeks; Some I wish I could just rant about on the blog, and others I just feel like I should not even speak of at all.

Let’s just say, it’s been a heck of a week for me, and somehow….some way,… I really just wish I could tuck myself into a corner and just dose off.

Recently, I started posting more videos on the blog and youtube. I thought it would be a great way to distract myself from all the craziness in the world and just sit right next to a camera and chat about the things I love the most. So far, it’s been working at getting my attention away from all the other stresses in life. However, filming, editing and uploading turned out to be another type of stress in itself.

Social media is difficult. And most importantly, building a community as an influencer is even much more difficult, especially if you are a newbie in 2018. I haven’t started putting myself out there as much as I feel like I should, because I tend to always have this fear at the back of my mind of constantly being judged by people. In order words, I tend to care a lot about what people say rather than believing in myself and knowing who I am and what I am not.

It’s been sort of a process of trying to adjust to changing my mindset, and thankfully Abe has been giving me advice on learning how to not care about what people say or think. For some reason, he seems to be very good at not caring what others think, so I guess he is the best person to sit and talk to about some of these things.

Remember when I talked about completely disliking the 9-5 job lifestyle? …Well, turns out that it’s really not THAT bad after all. I guess I just freaked out seeing all my nightmares become real to the point that I had already mentally convinced myself that I could never survive in the cooperate world.

The company I work for is great. Most importantly, the workers are very encouraging and understanding. I feel at peace and not too worried about being spied on all the time. It’s not the dream job I’ve always wanted, however, it’s a good start.

School and other issues….

Apparently, Abe is graduating in May, and although I’m so excited to see him walk up the stage and pick up that degree, I’m a little bit sad because I wish I was walking up that stage as well.

My projected graduation date is literally 2 years from now, and that just always brings me to a sad place, because mentally speaking, I’m completely sick of school.

The only thing making me not worry much about not graduating soon is the fact that most of my time is going to be spent working, so it doesn’t necessarily bother me to know that I won’t always be stuck taking annoying lectures. 2020 is going to be an amazing year, so I’m definitely excited to just wait and get that degree.

Social media, video views and the algorithm…

I just briefly talked about the influencer world, but I just thought that I would go into a little bit more detail about my opinion when it comes to social media.

These days, I feel like everyone wants to become social media famous. Not for the sake of actually using it to spread positivity and love, but solely for the sake of just trying to land brand deals and make money online.

Now, I’m not trying to call out anyone or say that any of this is bad or whatsoever; Instead, I just feel like some people are really abusing the normal way to grow, which badly affects those who are trying to grow through the right means.

Content is definitely key, but also, these days I feel like people don’t use social media for good quality content anymore, but rather pure entertainment. So what does this turn out to be???

Well.. simple answer.. Prank videos, challenge videos, randomly recording strangers to see their take on things, doing exaggerated challenges.. all simply for the sake of social media fame and publicity.

It’s crazy, because I feel like these days, people would do anything just to get that view to rise above the roof. I even started to notice the very popular instagram follow and unfollow method skyrocket a ton this period. Everyone wants to obviously feel like a celeb by having way more followers than they follow; However, in my opinion, this just isn’t a great way to grow.

social media influencer problems

In the beauty industry as well, I tend to see the same issue with publicity continue on the rise. A lot of we makeup lovers have our favorite beauty gurus that we go to for makeup reviews and opinions. However, these days, it’s become almost impossible to trust anyone, especially when the internet has become much of a place for brand sponsorships and deals.

Anyone would lie about loving a product they absolutely hate, all for the sake of earning a few extra coins. Some of my back then favorite youtubers don’t even post anymore unless each video has some sort of sponsorship deal attached to it.

I mean, I simply can’t be the only one who has noticed this, but hey.. If you don’t notice any of these, then you aren’t really paying attention.

Females bashing other Females…

One thing I dislike the most is seeing females who preach about empowerment bashing other females. Lol…The Irony.

Social media has just become that place where people hate on others who seem to look or speak better than themselves. People have become so quick to call out others for plastic surgery just to justify themselves for not looking as good. Like why do individuals care sooo much about what others do with their lives or their bodies??

Someone like Kim Kardashian gets soo much hate just for being herself. People are so quick to call she and her family untalented,  while there are many crazy people on youtube who do stupid pranks and are rich and famous for that, but don’t get nearly as much of the same type of hate as she gets.

More on brand deals and product sponsorships…

The beauty world has also just become a place where people push products constantly with everyday reviews, and no tutorials whatsoever on how to actually start out with makeup.

People are now so quick to bash brands and ditch them for lack of diversity simply due to the fact that such brands can’t keep up with current trends.

Like.. no-one is perfect. And no brand definitely is perfect. But one thing that I do feel that we should all stop doing is spewing hate whenever something doesn’t go the way we expect it to.

It’s okay to be critical in a positive way, without sounding so hateful and bothered. Makeup reviews these days have just become very much biased and unreliable.

People now believe that, if a person hates a product, then automatically he/she (the reviewer) becomes more trust worthy. Which should never ever be the case. Because one man’s meat, is another man’s poison. We can’t all like and dislike the exact same things.

For example, I was recently watching a youtube video that was calling out Nicol Concilio (a slightly big beauty youtuber) for liking every PR product she always reviewed. I was surprised to see that, but was also very disturbed by how people were so quick to put her down, simply because she liked a lot of products.

Like.. can’t a girl just like what she likes???? Why do people have to be so damn hateful and bothered. If something disturbs you, then simply don’t pay attention to it. Easy Peasy!

But anyways..

Work has really been stressful as well as keeping up with the blog and everything else. Sometimes, all I want to do is come home and just enjoy a peaceful experience with social media without being introduced to the constant hate that is always out here.

Hopefully we can all look at ourselves and realize that we are not as perfect before we decide to judge others.

Till next time,

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