Finding Self-Love: Being A Girl Boss, Dating Again & Moving Forward

Finding Self-Love: Being A Girl Boss, Dating Again & Moving Forward

I felt the need to update you guys with another life post for this week.

Basically I’ve been so busy being a hermit for the past few days, and honestly, it’s been very much rewarding.

I’ve been discovering so much about myself and my self-worth that I feel like I’m in sort of a “new beginning” with life. In addition, I’ve gone back to journaling again — which I gave up for quite some time now–and keeping a daily journal has really been helping a lot.

Sometimes it's good to just isolate oneself from society to do some inner reflection and soul searching. Click To Tweet

Dating Again?

So… I’ve been going on more dates lately, and so far it’s been amazing. I’ve met quite a lot of people in the past few days, some who have become really close friends of mine, and others who are sort of on my list of “potentials” lol. I’m not trying to get into anything serious at the moment (since I just came out of a karmic relationship).

Soul Searching and Finding Self-Love

During this period of soul searching, I had to really discover self-love.

In the past, I always related the term “self-love” with being “selfish“, without truly understanding that self-love is one of the most important things about being human.

Lacking self-love put me in multiple situations of unhappiness, that I had absolutely no control over. And because of that lack of self-love within me, I felt the need to constantly find it in someone else, instead of taking that time to find it within myself first.

Lack of self love is what causes a lot of people to remain in situations where they feel completely unhappy. You've got to love yourself enough to walk away from hurtful situations that don't serve you Click To Tweet

Being a hermit for the last few days and really getting a proper understanding of myself has become so rewarding. I’ve come to realize and set up so much standards for myself, that I won’t ever settle for anything less than I deserve. Which includes standards related to love & romantic relationships, career/finances, friendships and overall goals.

I’ve worked so hard on myself and my finances that I’m not going to let anything or anyone pull me back into that state/mindset of “settling“.

I’ve settled so many times with things that made me very unhappy in the past. Things that were way below my standards only for the sake of not knowing my self-worth. I’ve given people and situations many chances instead of just completely walking away, because I feared having regrets over knowing that I deserved soo much better!!

That state of mind was slowly killing my self-worth, and if I had held on much longer than I did, I can’t even fathom how much more broken I would have become.

self-love first

Current progress….

I’ve been working so much over the past few days on myself, work and business. Most of my days have been spent completing projects as well as working on brand new projects for some ideas that I had completely put off in the past.

Balancing it all with summer classes has been stressful, but I currently do not have any day job that adds to my stress, so I’m grateful that I still have more time to rest and reflect.

I’ve been seeing so much progress career wise, as well as in my personal life which has me very excited with this brand new beginning. My next plan now is to do a lot more traveling. That way, I get to visit new places and grow in perceptive.

I’m so excited to bring you guys along on this journey..

Always remember to love yourself first.

Till next time,


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