Own Your Everyday Book Review by Jordan Lee Dooley

I recently picked up Own Your Everyday by Jordan lee Dooley. And I must say, it was an amazing read.

Jordan is one person who inspires me on a daily basis to keep chasing after the purpose placed in my heart. And when I found out she was releasing a book, I was super excited. The week it released, I rushed over to my local Walmart with the last couple bucks on my card to pick it up. And believe me, when I say, it is worth the purchase.

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By the way, you can order yours HERE


Jordan gave us some wisdom in this book that honestly spoke to my heart. It didn’t surprise me though. Because her podcast does offer nuggets of wisdom. However, I was blown away by the content of this book.

Her story inspired me and I really connected with her on a heart to heart level in many areas.

There was a point in the book where she spoke about her fear of being seen. It was quite brief, but it spoke straight to my heart. And for a moment, I felt like that girl. The girl who is so insecure and afraid of being seen, because she doesn’t believe her voice matters.

Thankfully, Jordan gave some wisdom on how to challenge that fear, which I honestly believe broke something within me.

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Favorite Quotes:

“We’ll miss who we’re made to be when we focus on what we think we’re supposed to be” 

This quote stood out to me because, in today’s society, I truly believe a lot of people are in search of their identity. We seek the world’s approval for our identity and purpose, as a result, we miss out on becoming the person we’re made to be.

“I thought looking strong meant being strong (spoiler alert: that’s not always true)”

As someone who feels insecure sometimes, I tend to wear a “strong” mask in hopes that people won’t see my brokenness. But it only causes more damage in the long term.

“Consistently opening up about where you are and where you’re headed will keep you on track with your goals while simultaneously allowing you to remain unashamed”

This is where transparency sets the stage. I honestly believe that transparency reveals progress. But not only that, it completely gets rid of shame.

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“We don’t break shame by hiding behind a reputation or by living under the pressure to measure up to the expectations we perceive others have of us. We break through it by bravely surrendering our pride and opening our doors, one confession and one conversation at a time.”

This spoke volumes to me. Sometimes, out of shame, I tend to hide, run or over-explain myself in order to prevent the shame and rejection. But it only backfires in the end and creates deeper wounds for me.

“Vulnerability is the key to overcoming the trap that shame sets”

Isn’t this pure wisdom? There is so much power in vulnerability and I honestly believe every one of us needs to be as open as we can be.

“Freedom isn’t found by maintaining an image or checking religious boxes.”

She said it so perfectly.

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“I knew that if you’re hiding anything, you’re not free.”

I tend to struggle with transparency sometimes because it scares me to come out and tell the world the deep things of my heart. But I’ve come to realize that true freedom comes with transparency.

“Growth comes when we leave our comfort zones” 

I’m an introvert and sometimes, I struggle with being seen. I’ve started my youtube channel many times and quit many times out of the fear of being seen. I’m so used to my comfort zone that the thought of stepping out of it gives me anxiety. Knowing now that growth comes with it is something I hope would help me become more comfortable stepping out.

“Sometimes, the most unglamorous things we do are the most important” 

Often times, I tend to glamorize things thinking it will bring the attention I desperately desire, without realizing that it does the opposite. People connect more with realness than perfection and it’s something that I’m still learning each day.

Let me know if you picked up own your everyday. I would love to know what your favourite quotes are in the comments.

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