Trying to escape the 9-5 job lifestyle

Trying to escape the 9-5 job lifestyle

So guys, I got a job. Well….. more or less a paid co-op. If you don’t know by now, I am a chemical engineering major and my degree requires that I get some experience in the real world in order to graduate and be fully prepared as an engineer. And so like everyone else in my field, I had to find myself a day job.

If you used to keep up with me on my old blog, you would know how much I completely dislike the 9-5 job lifestyle . In my case, it’s been more of a 7-3 lifestyle, and so far, I don’t really have much to say! This counts towards my college credit, so I might as well have to deal with whatever the 9-5 brings.

I LOVE the company I work for, and my co-workers and team mates are pretty amazing people–but to be really honest, the 9hr/day of working at a location that requires me to do a constant early morning drive just gets me pretty worked up.

And knowing how terrified I am of the highway, it makes it even worse knowing that I would have to go through the same path everyday just to get to work. Oh and since I’m talking about highways, I was soo close to almost being involved in a terrible accident when my car got soo shaky and slid off the express way.

Don’t ask me what went wrong, because till today, I still have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with my dead old car. But I had to go to my job training which is about an hour drive with the highway when the whole shit-shit went down.

Thankfully, I’m Alive and that’s really all that matters to me at the moment.

I’ve stopped driving my crazy car though, just in case you were wondering, and at this moment I’m on a hunt for a fresh new car because my anxiety with driving just came back at 1000% after the incident occurred, so good quality is all I’m going for.

new job and escaping the 9-5 job lifestyle

These days, I wake up at approximately 4am to prepare for work. Anything later than that means I have to figure out an excuse to tell my boss, which we really don’t need at the moment especially given that I just started working here.

I go to bed pretty late at night. There’s no way my eyes can shut before 12:00am, and no matter how hard I try, it just never closes. My body is pretty much programmed to a certain rhythm, which makes it way more difficult for me to become used to my working schedule.

I show up to work, and all I can think of is how much longer I have left to end up in the comfort of my home and in my beautifully laid bed. But you know whats even more crazy? the moment I end up back home, I can barely even close my eyes to catch up with the sleep I so dearly missed due to waking up early for work.

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, because I’m pretty sure some of you reading this can definitely relate to a few of the things I’m talking about.

Being my own boss.

I can’t even stress this enough, but I just dislike the system of waking up and having to work for someone so that I can put food on my table and pay off credit card bills. It’s frustrating. And don’t tell me to go ahead and do something about my situation, because trust me, I AM.

Thankfully, I already know what I intend to do with my life after college so that I can sleep in as much as I want and not have to worry about working for someone else to feel financially secure. Because, TO BE HONEST, you can never be financially secure working for someone else. Your job is literally a 50:50 chance. One screw up, and you get kicked out.

you can never be financially secure working for someone else. Your job is literally a 50:50 chance. One screw up, and you get kicked out. Click To Tweet

I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to join me in expanding my business, because sometimes you can’t do it all alone–but, his mindset is pretty much programmed to follow the 9-5 job system (talk about total opposites!), so it kinda makes it a bit difficult to communicate with him, since he loves the idea of cooperate America.

escaping the 9-5 job lifestyle

I’m a pretty creative person (not to brag or anything) but a 9-5 job is only going to lock me in a space where I can’t really enhance my creativity. The longer I stay, the more difficult it becomes to get out, hence why I’m soo looking forward to graduation.

Some of you guys have sent me emails asking why I’m sick of a 9-5 job when I get paid a pretty decent income per month. But you guys need to understand that it takes a whole awful LOT of work to be in that place of pay. I rather work on my own schedule and make less, than work way out of my comfort zone just to earn a few thousand bucks. It’s really not about the money guys, it’s all about happiness. Like I said, I really LOVE the company I work for, I just hate the IDEA of a 9-5 job if you get what I mean?!

But anyway, I thought I would fill you all in on my life situation so far, more lifestyle posts to be up in the next few days..

Till next time…


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