Major signs of toxic relationships

Major signs of toxic relationships

Relationships…. First its all flowers and roses, then things start to slip up halfway in. The subject of dating and relationships is something I try my best to avoid speaking about, but my experiences so far being in toxic relationships did prompt me to make this post.

As much as I want to refrain from talking about my own past toxic relationship (which I might discuss in a later blog post), I just want you to know that toxic relationships do exist, and there are still a lot of people out there who choose to stay in such unhealthy relationships.

Toxic relationships can be very stressful, emotionally draining and can even have long term effects such as insecurities and depression. I definitely recommend leaving if you think your partner is a toxic person, as this individual can have a huge negative impact on you the longer you stay.

Given my horrible experiences as well as some experiences of a few close friends of mine, I wanted to share a few common signs that show that you might currently be in a toxic relationship.

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  • Your partner doesn’t communicate

This is a big deal and can definitely ruin a normal relationship. If you get into an argument or a fight with your partner, and he/she constantly doesn’t try to communicate on how to resolve such misunderstandings, then you might need to reconsider remaining with such individual.

This would not only hurt your relationship on the long run, but would definitely have an effect on how you express yourself around your partner.

  • You’re always apologizing

If you’re constantly apologizing for every issue or situation that happens in your relationship, then that is definitely not a good sign of a healthy relationship. Nobody is perfect, and if you’re always having to apologize for things that happen in your relationship, then odds are you might be in a very toxic relationship.

Keep in mind that its okay to apologize for things that may actually be your fault, but when it constantly involves issues you had no involvement in, you definitely shouldn’t be apologetic.

  • You’re constantly walking on eggshells

This usually happens as a result of less communication with your significant other. If you’re constantly watching ever action you take or being extra conscious of every word you use around your partner in order to avoid conflict, then you definitely might be in a toxic relationship.

Relationships are supposed to give you a sense of freedom regardless of whatever you choose to say or do, and if you constantly feel the need to be less free around your partner, you definitely should rethink staying in that relationship.

  • Your partner is too controlling

If you have a partner who is very controlling in various aspects of your relationship, I definitely suggest making the effort to call it quits. A controlling partner can cause so much damage in terms of how you choose to go about your daily life and that surely is very unhealthy.

I once had an ex who told me I wasn’t allowed to use my college meal swipes (which I paid for) on anyone else besides him, and literally had a huge fight with me the moment I told him I wasn’t having it. Crazy right?

  • You’re always to blame

When you’re constantly being blamed for everything that goes wrong in a relationship, then you definitely might be dating a toxic person. If your partner doesn’t accept blame for some faults he/she may have probably caused, then you should reconsider if being with such a person is healthy.

  • Constantly being avoided

If you have a partner who makes out time to be with his/her friends but happens to always be busy when it comes to spending quality time with you, then that’s an issue.

It’s definitely a problem when your significant other doesn’t make any effort to spend time with you, but makes attempt to spend time with others. If you’re in a relationship where your partner is constantly being distant when it involves spending quality time with you, then you should seriously rethink staying in that relationship.

  • Mix of emotions/Anger Issues

Anger is just toxic, and a partner with a short temper is definitely one of the scariest things to deal with in a relationship. If your partner is not willing to work on his/her anger issues then I seriously suggest calling it quits.

Anger can drive people to do lots of crazy things including serious abuse, so you should avoid that at all costs.

  • Doesn’t appreciate you

If you have a partner that doesn’t appreciate any efforts you make or is constantly trying to put you down, then you might be dating a very toxic person.

A relationship should bring happiness, motivation and love, but when your partner tries to bring you down in those aspects, then you really do not deserve such a person.

If you begin to notice any of these signs in your current relationship, I seriously recommend finding a way to end the relationship as such could truly have a major effect on you if you continue to stay. Toxic people are definitely not worth holding on to, and there is definitely someone better out there for you.

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