Meet the Boyfriend

Meet the Boyfriend

To post this or not to post this is basically something I’ve pondered for a while now. I love keeping certain aspects of my life private, but this one is definitely one I couldn’t keep away for too long.

You guys by now are probably familiar with Abe because I mention him quite often in a lot of my posts. But some of you might not know that he is actually my boyfriend. Surprise!! I’m not single. *huge grin*

I thought, instead of mentioning his name all the time to you guys, why not just go ahead and formally introduce him to the blog. So…. this is Abraham Lamin. But pretty much everyone (including me) calls him Abe. It’s short, it’s easy to pronounce and it doesn’t make him seem like some dude from the 100BC (although that would be nice).

We’ve been together for quite a long time now, to the point that I’ve literally stopped counting days. But I do remember when and how we met, so maybe that should give you guys a time frame to figure out how long we’ve been dating.

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How we met…

It all started back in spring of 2015 or 16 I think (pardon me, my memory is pretty fucked up). We were taking the same anatomy class and back then, I was still in the medical route and had not switched over to engineering. So I was still taking classes with the Biology lovers.

We never really said a word to each other, and I always just saw him as another average dude I took class with, who liked to talk too damn much. He was basically one of those students who liked to answer all the questions and asked too many questions. You know the ones I’m talking about right?

So.. yeah,.. he was that student, and I found him to be very annoying.

Meet my boyfriend

Anyways, fast forward to a couple months later and there he was, looking over bones and cartilages studying with me in our lab. It was raining that day and I didn’t have a car to drive back home, so guess who offered me a ride? Him!!.. DUH!

And that was the last time we spoke since then…

Meet my bf

Then one day, I went to an African party with a couple of my friends. If you don’t know by now, I am Nigerian, so I usually always go to most of the African events held around town.

And who do I see at the party? …. ABE!

I was shocked. I didn’t think he was African or anything because most people who usually come around for these events are Africans.

We ended up talking and dancing when I eventually found out his family comes from Sierra Leone. Pretty cool I thought.

I was in a relationship then, so I didn’t have much interest in him AT ALL, but it was fun to keep the conversation.

As usual, after then, we never spoke again. So that was basically the last time we talked that semester.

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Talking and Dating stage…

After summer break that same year, I had just gotten out my past relationship and was going through a heartbreak phase. So one day, during my sad period of binging emotional Netflix shows and licking ice-cream,  I figured I’d go out and take a walk around my apartment to clear my head. On my short walk, I spotted Abe from a distance and was wondering what he was doing at my apartment complex as I had known a couple months back that he lived elsewhere.

He was walking with a friend, so I figured we wouldn’t end up saying anything to each other. However, the moment he noticed me from the distance, he quickly walked up to say hi and introduced me to his friend.

He had just recently checked into the building across from mine and was getting his move in situation sorted out.

We ended up talking for a bit, and this time around, it wasn’t just a conversation and no more talk…. Instead, he decided to keep the connection by asking for my number.

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How we met 2 800x671 - Meet the Boyfriend

Anyway, after then… about 4 months later, our love story began.

*There’s still so much that happened within that 4 months leading up to when we started dating, but I don’t wanna bore you too much and some things are better left personal lol. *

So to my cute, ridiculously annoying, loving, bad singing, caring, J Cole loving, PT obsessed, workout obsessed, proud, Aquarius born boyfriend. This post is for ya!


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