13 Reasons Why Season 2 – Nervous But Excited

13 Reasons Why Season 2 – Nervous But Excited

When I watched the first season of 13 reasons why, I became hooked.

Not only because the production and plot was amazing, but because the series went in-depth into the mind of a person who suffered from depression.

Growing up, I used to see depression as a sort of joke. ..And I would think to myself,..

Can anyone be that sad, that they would just wake up one day and decide to kill themselves?

It wasn’t something I could really comprehend, but rather, something I assumed to be a term people just threw around to draw attention to themselves.

I was stupid. So stupid to even think that…

Because the moment I found myself sitting one on one with a therapist.. I knew that it was no longer just an assumption, but instead, a real mental issue that quite a lot of people tend to face on a regular basis.


My experience with depression is definitely something I try not to really think or talk about, but sometimes, I do feel like it’s necessary to talk about certain topics like this.

It arose from a lot of negative past experiences I constantly suppressed until it decided to finally surface and completely take over me.

Creating this blog was my way of dealing with it, and I’m thankful that I didn’t get to the point of giving up overall.

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Watching 13 reasons why was like a reminder to me. A reminder that I went through something so challenging and came out smiling on the other side.

One thing a lot of people don’t understand about depression is how emotionally controlling it can be.

It can make you feel like your lowest of low, and believe that it’s almost impossible to truly break out of it.

It’s sort of a feeling that I can’t really explain,.. but if you were in my head, I’m sure you may not also be able to comprehend it either.

How I relate with Hannah Baker

When going through that phase, it felt almost like I wanted someone to notice… Someone to care…. But,…. I was never really showing it for anyone to really notice.

I lived sort of a normal, happy and smiling life (….I still do), so a lot of people never seem to realize that there could even be a slight possibility of me feeling down.

And funny enough, when I was going through depression, I acted even more happier than I ever did to everyone around me…,

But would eventually come home crying in my tiny room, just wishing for it all to end.

The truth about depression is; you would never really know how it feels until you experience it for yourself. You would never really be able to process it in your mind, until you are put in the shoes of the situation. And no matter how many books or movies try to give a clearer understanding of what depression could feel like, you can never really know the feeling, until you are put in the same circumstance.

It’s quite similar to heartbreak…..

You can feel sorry for the person going through it….And you could try your best to understand how the person might be feeling at that moment in time, but you won’t necessarily know how much control that situation has on that individual, until you are put in the exact same condition.

Then it truly starts to make sense…

Why I want to watch 13 reasons why season 2

I’m excited to see it because I do want to know more of the story. I do feel like season 1 went into quite enough detail, but then again, there’s probably more that could have driven Hannah into her final thoughts of wanting to attempt suicide.

So far, we’ve seen pieces of her story. In tapes that she tries to somewhat elaborate on the issue, but for depression– especially when it get’s severe to the point of suicide, there might be a lot more than we know.

Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to it…..

Before I End Today’s Post

If you are someone currently going through depression, just know that, you have way more control of yourself and your thoughts than you can ever imagine. Don’t be afraid to seek help. It might seem like a lame idea at first, especially if you feel like a lot of people won’t understand… but trust me, it does help out soo much in the long run..

Nothing lasts forever, not even depression.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment on the series 13 reasons why.. I’m curious to see what you guys have to say,..

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Till next time,


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