What I’ve Been Up To


I’ve been away from the blog for a month now and honestly, it has had its ups and downs. I spent most of my days in crazy warfare, getting super mad at God and just doing a TON of spending and reconstruction. But thank goodness I made it through.

If you guys haven’t noticed already, I revamped my blog !! yay! I personally put in so much time, effort and A TON OF CODING into this, so I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. In addition to it all, I also organized my categories in a much better way, because a lot is coming to the blog now and I’m no longer sticking to just faith posts.

What’s new….?

So I have 2 big exciting news to share with you guys and I haven’t really told anyone this. Coming to this point was not easy because it required me to spend loads of money which resulted in me getting broke and super mad at God, but thank goodness, I was able to finally stabilize myself.

Before I jump into the new things that are coming, I want to talk about some of the things I had to let go of in order to step into this new season that I truly believe I’m in.

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For the last couple of weeks, I found myself testing a lot of the friends that I keep in my circle. Since finding my identity, I’ve been more conscious of the people and things that I keep around me. So I’ve been learning to use the block button a lot more and saying no to things that I would normally be saying yes to.

With that being said, I’ve been conscious of the friends I keep because I did have some gossips around me and that trait seriously turned me OFF!! So I used this opportunity to really sit down and pick who my real friends are because I didn’t want to bring certain types of people into this new season of my life.

Also, since some of you guys know about my experience dating a narcissist and how that sort of affected my mental health, I did want to make sure that the friends I kept around me had a proper understanding of mental health and emotional wounds.

During this testing period, I did come to realize that some people around me didn’t really understand the importance of mental health and honestly, that alone was a huge red flag for me. I do find it very important to keep friends that are emotionally supportive during difficult times, not ones that encourage you to snap out of it when everything seems to be falling apart. So I made sure to take that factor into consideration.

What I've Been Up To

Another key thing that I also took into HUGE consideration was spirituality. Funny to say, I am very careful of associating myself with overly spiritual people. LOL. I know this sounds crazy (since I do consider myself a spiritual person), but I do find that a lot of the overly spiritual people that I know or had known, who claim to know God and have a relationship with Him, usually tend to have a somewhat self-righteousness character. And that in itself was a no-no.

The reason why I’m cautious of super spiritual people has a lot to do with my experience when I initially got saved. Basically, around the first few months of getting saved, I was part of a super spiritual Christian group that was sort of the starting point to my spiritual journey. I loved being on the group the first couple of months because I was excited to be in a company of believers, but after being on there for a while, I started disliking it. I noticed that being on there made me cut off a lot of my unsaved friends because most of the believers advised me to, and as a result of that, I became judgemental and very closed off to so many things.

Personally, I love to be in the company of all types of people, whether spiritual or not spiritual, saved or unsaved. But I do find that the more time I spend with people who are overly spiritual, the more I find myself developing traits I don’t like. Plus a lot of them tend to assume they know me better than myself (i.e my life and thoughts) because of their “super-spirituality” and I find it VERY ANNOYING sometimes because they aren’t always accurate.

Because one is a believer doesn’t automatically make them a good company, and I had to learn that the hard way. After all, Judas betrayed Jesus even though he was a follower.

I’ve also seen from personal experience how some believers can be somewhat judgemental towards non-believers, and that really gets to me A TON. Because I used to be an unbeliever who never knew the Lord and had many Christians judge me. And I never used to like it and hated Christians because of it. So now that I’m saved and I notice it (even if it’s within myself), I tackle it quickly because I dislike portraying God’s heart to people that way.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that surrounding myself with believers is an issue (because I do have amazing believing friends), but I do love to keep a circle of unsaved (while using wisdom), and surprisingly, God has been using me to reach them A TON lately.

Plus, I find some of these unsaved friends so much easier to relate with and learn a lot from on many topics like mental and physical wounds, which I’ve noticed quite a lot of Christians don’t fully understand since a lot are quick to call Jesus into everything without really taking the time out to address one’s emotional issues.

I’m a true believer that healing can have hindrances if one doesn’t tackle the root cause of a problem, so merely pointing people to Jesus without allowing them to address those root causes can still prevent physical healings from taking place.

All in all, I’m so glad that I was able to distinguish who to do life with and who to cut cords with.


I used to work part-time on campus as a college student, but this required me to give up on the job and dedicate myself more to my business and the blog. It wasn’t an easy experience sitting with God and having to quit everything that I felt made me so happy.

Giving up on jobs allowed God to really deal with me, as I’m someone who loves to have financial stability through multiple income streams, so when He told me to quit, it hurt A TON!! 

I found myself in a position of being so mad at Him and cursing Him out because it felt like my whole life was crashing down. It really was. I’ve never felt so broke and unstable in MY ENTIRE LIFE, even though He was slowly giving me bread crumbs to live on. Plus, I had a lot of warfare against me and my family, which didn’t make it any better.

Overall, it was a tough tough season with many tears, but it allowed me to make wise decisions.


This made me cry. Like A LOT! If I had another reason to be mad at God, this was the reason. He made me give up on some pretty good men that came into my life, and it hurt like HELL. I had to block them off, and I’m pretty sure some of them may be wondering why the heck I blocked them off out of nowhere.

P.S. If you’re one of them and you’re reading this, I truly had no control of such decisions.


Firstly, I started my own Podcast!

What I've Been Up To

This podcast is like a ministry, but it’s NOT like the everyday ministry that you attend on Sundays or watch online. This is actually VERY different! I created this podcast to talk about all types of topics, from spirituality to sex and dating,… and even running a business. So don’t think you’re coming here to just get Psalms. Churches have made ministry look SUPER BORING and I feel like a lot of people take Christianity too seriously to the point that they become somewhat over religious like the Pharisees and never really get to live. Since building my relationship with God and cutting myself from the opinions of other believers, I actually got to see God in a very different way. He is actually pretty cool and legit fun to talk to. And I feel like people have made Him seem too serious and angry, without really knowing that He has a great sense of humour and a personality that is actually pretty chill. Plus I talk to him a lot about sensitive topics, which I find a lot of Christians consider a TABOO to even speak about. No wonder a lot of unsaved people are so put off by Christianity.

Hopefully, this podcast would really cut through those misconceptions and ignorance.

There are so many episodes that I have mapped out, and I’m super excited to finally share this with you guys.

Oh and even more exciting….. I CREATED A WEBSITE FOR IT !!! Go check it out here —–> She’s Spirit Filled

You should definitely consider subscribing.


I’ve been getting tons of requests to do recipes, especially after my Jollof rice recipe blew up, and is now ranking first page on google and also got featured on BuzzFeed (WHAT??!!), I decided to bring back food blogging again. I really missed food blogging, because I actually LOVE cooking and creating recipes, so I took this opportunity as God pushing me to revive my passion for food blogging again.

Not only am I going to be bringing you guys blog posts on some recipes, but I’m also going to be incorporating quick 5 mins tutorial videos as well. So you can choose whichever floats your boat.

I’m so happy to finally share with you guys SOME of what I’ve been working on behind the scenes and I hope you all are just as excited for it as I am.

Super sorry that I had to take a break from the blog, but balancing all of this as a full-time student hasn’t been the easiest, so I do hope you understand where I’m coming from.

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