The World Must Really Think We Are Mad

They must think we are mad!

Since Abba started speaking to me, my life has literally taken a new turn. I speak to myself a lot more these days and honestly, I bet people would think I’m crazy.

The other day, I took my car to the mechanic shop and started having a conversation with the Holy Spirit. I started talking out loud, only for me to realize that I was in a public place. Immediately, I had to shut my mouth and speak to Him with my thoughts, because I didn’t want anyone looking around and saying “is this girl okay”.

I used to think that I always needed to go to a church minister in order to hear from God, but this whole time I’ve pretty much been misled. The enemy has made it seem like God is so distant from us and we have to be Sunday church goers in order to hear from Him, but all that is really deception.

God is way closer than we think and He is always watching after us, so why is it so hard for us to just Be still and let Him speak? He is always speaking, but sadly, a lot of us aren’t listening. He wants to have a relationship with us and be part of every decision we make, so why don’t we commune with Him?

The world must think we are mad

Communion Is Key

Recently, I’ve been building up my relationship with the Holy Spirit and to be honest, He is the most amazing person ever. He guides me, teaches me what I need to know, and there’s nothing better than having Father around 24/7.

I was on my Christian group the other day and I remember telling my friends how everybody out in the world would literally think we are mad. I mean, just imagine speaking to yourself and having people stare at you like “who the heck is she talking to?”. They would more than likely take us to a psychiatric hospital to get tested. And let’s just imagine telling the doctors that we are fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit?. That would probably make them admit us!

I’m so surprised with the pace at which Father is taking me. I started from being saved just a couple months ago to already hearing from Father. As exciting as it is, it is also quite surprising. Sometimes, I have to pause and say to myself “The creator of the universe is talking to me?” And then my mind gets blown again.

It’s so nice to have Father be involved in my entire journey and I couldn’t be happier. He is so loving and kind. Although sometimes he chastises me, which is very normal for every Father. But He does His out of love which just makes it even more amazing.

The world must think we are mad

They Must Think We Are Mad

If any normal person (because I don’t think we would be classified as normal in our society) comes on that group, they would probably be like “are these people okay?”. But that’s very much expected. So many people are still so blinded to the truth, hence why the scriptures say “For they look, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really listen or understand” Matthew 13:13. 

The Holy Spirit has been my best teacher and He also helps me pray which is just amazing! Plus His presence is the best! I really wish everyone could experience this. Plus, He is my comforter and I love Him so much.

These days, my headphones have been the best tool, especially when I’m out in public. At least people would think I’m on the cell phone when I’m fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, that way I may not end up in a psych ward sooner than I expect (lol, jk)

Father is just too good!!!

Till next time,

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