Lies Of The Enemy And The Power Of Prayer

So recently I’ve been in a constant battle with my thoughts. Each time I begin to feel at peace in God’s presence, the enemy comes back to attack me. It’s like a constant war that just never seems to end.

Each time I feel like I’ve finally won the battle, another thing pops up again to come and attack my peace. But one thing I’ve realized is that Abba has been showing me that I should always remain in constant prayer. He is teaching me to be strong and courageous when it comes to spiritual battles because honestly, I’ve been a baby this whole time.

Once I feel like I’ve finally prayed and everything is now okay BOOM! another issue comes again. Sometimes, I wonder, isn’t this enemy not tired?? It hasn’t been an easy one, but it definitely has been annoying to remain in constant battle. But such is expected because, at the end of the day, life isn’t supposed to be all roses and sunshine.

But thankfully, Jesus has assured us peace even though there would be many trials and sorrow along the way (John 16:33)

Power Of Prayer

Sometimes, I just like to sit and be lazy, waiting for God to do everything when He has already given me authority over some of these battles. But then the enemy comes to remind me of my weaknesses and honestly it gets so frustrating. He also lies a lot, so usually one can fall a victim to his lies, especially if you don’t feed on the word of God regularly. But since God loves me so much, He always shows me warnings through dreams and I’m so thankful for it.

Power of Prayer 

During this journey, one thing I’ve come to realize is the power of prayer. I used to think prayer was something to only do when you need something from God. OR on Sundays when you go to church. But honey…. prayer should be very constant.

Jesus prayed ALL THE TIME. So if the son of God could pray repeatedly without ceasing, who are we as humans to be playing around with prayer?

The Bible even talks about Jesus praying to the point that His sweat was like drops of blood (Luke 22:44), so what is this basic prayer that we are always doing?

Another thing that you would also find across many parts of scripture is how Jesus always instructed his disciples to pray so that they won’t give into temptation. So if prayer is this effective, why aren’t most of us always in constant prayer?

Why do we wait until Sunday morning or until we need something significant before we get on our knees to pray? Why are we so ignorant of the true power of prayer?

Power Of Prayer

Well, from my experience since taking up my cross and following Christ, I’ve come to know the power of prayer. The two types of prayer I’ve been focusing on recently has been;

a.) Quiet time prayer:

This is the prayer you pray directly to your Father in private. Usually, this kind of prayer is short and direct without much babbling. Jesus gives us an example in Matthew 6:9-13, which we know as “The Lord’s Prayer“.

Quiet time is my time with Abba. It is just when I speak to Him when there’s no one around me, whether in public or private. I do this all the time and it is just nice to always carry His presence along with me wherever I go.

b.) Warfare prayer:

This is another prayer of binding and casting. It’s basically the one you pray when you are trying to kick demons away. It is important you know your authority when praying these types of prayer so that you don’t give into fear.

Sadly, most of us forget that we actually live in a spiritual warfare. A lot of us forget our authority over the darkness and expect God to come down from Heaven each time we run into demonic problems.


This whole time, I’ve been waiting for God to come and cast out all my demons for me, meanwhile, He has been waiting for me to use my authority. But honestly, Father is still so loving because He constantly gives me a heads up of the enemy in dreams which I am extremely grateful for. How much more of a loving father can He be? He is just too good.

Fear was one issue I struggled with when praying warfare prayers. Even though I knew my authority, I still dealt so much with fear. But as Abba would have it, He helped reassure me that He’s always with me, so there’s nothing to really be afraid of. So each time I feel any sense of fear, I begin to ponder, because I know the spirit that is in me is not supposed to keep me in constant fear.

So if I suddenly begin to feel afraid, I would know something’s up and I would have to pray seriously against the spirit of Fear.

Power Of Prayer

Holy Spirit is your helper

The Holy Spirit has really been the best! He helps me pray and I’m so thankful for Him. Most times when I don’t even know how to pray, He comes to aid and it’s the best thing ever! I’m still building my relationship with the Holy Spirit and I’m hoping we become best friends with time.

I strongly advise asking the Holy Spirit to help you pray if you struggle. He would be glad to help you the way He constantly helps me.

If you’re going about your day, pray! When you’re struggling, pray! If you don’t understand something, pray! Before you engage in any activity, pray! Keep praying always, about anything and everything. It is so so important and I’m a living testimony on the true power of prayer.

Pray according to Father’s will 

Another thing I’ve noticed is the importance of praying according to God’s will. Sometimes we decide to pray about the things we need without really aligning our needs with God’s will and this alone I’ve come to find is a huge issue. So it’s important we walk and surrender to Father’s will.

Please don’t ignore the power of prayer

Till next time,

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  • Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
    Prayer remains the Master Key…
    We should pray without season…
    When we don’t pray we open doors for the devil to come in through…