Sensitivity To The World

At this moment of growing spiritually, I feel like I’m currently going through a sensitive period.

The other day, I completely deleted my social media Apps. It was absolutely the best decision I made because I became sensitive to the demonic effects of social media.

Since I’ve been spending so much time in Abba’s presence, I’ve become so sensitive to people who don’t spend much time in His presence. Whenever I have conversations with individuals (including believers) who don’t spend much time in the presence of Father, I get a bit uneasy. I would have to pray right after speaking to them because it really affects me. I notice that some of these people carry on the cares, worries, and problems of this world that I become so sensitive to it– Even though they mean no harm at all.

The same issue also happens when I’m on social media. Each time I open the app to look at it, I can literally just sense Holy Spirit being so bothered by it. He doesn’t seem to like most of the things there, and because of that, it affects me as well.

sensitive to the world

As I grew spiritually, I started to see most things from a spiritual perspective. And since most of my spiritual senses are active, it has made me so sensitive to demonic activities. Most times I can even tell when someone is under a demonic influence or when another spirit is speaking through them. And honestly, it gets to me.

I’ve also noticed recently that there are only certain believers that I listen to and keep around my circle. I don’t take advice from just about anybody who is a believer. If I sense that you haven’t been spending time in the presence of Father, I pick up easily on it.

I find that I talk to Holy Spirit a lot more than actual people nowadays, not because I don’t like talking to people (because I do), but because I get super sensitive to people– especially individuals who don’t spend time in His presence.

I’ve also been very careful with listening to other people’s teachings about scripture. Because recently, I came to the understanding that a lot of people don’t have a deeper knowledge of the word. So whenever I listen to some teachings, it sounds very shallow.

I also find that there are some believers that I sometimes have to talk to them like they belong to this world, which makes conversations a bit shaky for me. (see 1 Corinthians 3:1)

sensitive to the world

sensitive to the world

Maturing in the faith has really opened my eyes to the depth of the word. Looking back at the time when I first got saved, I literally thought the surface of the Bible was all there was to it. Until I grew spiritually and started to see more depth in it.

I can only give credit to Father because honestly, He is the one speeding my growth.

This depth has caused me to really let go of the world hence why leaving social media was an amazing decision.

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