Seeing In The Spirit

So recently, Father has been opening my eyes to see in the spirit and honestly, it’s been a somewhat great experience. The first time He opened my eyes to see was when I got my first vision after waking up one morning from a deep sleep. Since that experience, I started to notice sprinkles of light flying around my room and it startled me.

Then another time was when I was driving back from school and started to see angels flying around buildings and it made me very surprised.

My sight isn’t so clear yet, but He has slowly been guiding me in learning more about becoming a seer (…see 1 Samuel 9:19). So I eventually ended up reading school of the seers and the seer’s path which gave me a clearer understanding about the spirit realm and the seer anointing.

seeing in the spirit

One thing I’m learning about Father during this process is just how He is so full of surprises. Each time I ask Him to show me more into what’s happening around me in the spirit realm, He usually won’t answer me immediately. But the moment I shift my attention away from seeing in the spirit, He suddenly shows me a quick glimpse.

He tends to do this all the time as part of His jokes– and although it can somewhat be annoying, it ends up being super funny the minute the surprise happens. Who knew Father had such an amazing sense of humour? He is that funny!

I’m learning that the spirit realm is just as real as the physical. In fact, it’s even more real than the physical realm we live in. But many people are so blinded to it. This experience has given me a better understanding of the scriptures and made some of the teachings of Jesus come alive.

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