New Year, New Doors

Oh my gosh, it’s 2019 already and I’m still amazed at how 2018 flew by.

This year is a year of breakthrough and I’m so excited to bring you guys along with me on my journey with Father. I go back to school this year again, so I’m not too excited about that— but I know with Father by my side, this semester is going to be a breeze. Holy Spirit came through last year when I had my internship and helped me so much with my research, so I’m super excited to see how He helps out again when the semester begins.

I have a lot planned out to start the year, and Father has been giving me some new ideas.

new year, new doors

He has taught me SOOO MUCHHH and I feel like I would be letting Holy Spirit down if I don’t go ahead and carry out the tasks He has for me. With that being said, I’m so nervous but also excited at the same time.

new year, new doors

Most of the heart desires I had from the beginning of last year have pretty much vanished, and Father has completely given me new desires that would further His Kingdom. I’m so happy to be working for Him and accomplishing my God-given purpose.

Normally when a new year begins, I would plan out my resolutions for the year, but since getting closer to Jesus, I sort of lost my passion for it. I instead choose to allow Holy Spirit guide my footsteps and lead me on the path I’m supposed to be on.

new year, new doors

To start the year off, I wrote a list of prayer requests that I would want Father to grant me. I sat with Holy Spirit to write down my requests in order to make sure it was according to His will and not mine. I strongly suggest doing this because it saves us from having hope in something that wouldn’t end up pleasing God. And most importantly, it stops us from settling with second best when God wants to give us something much more amazing.

new year, new doors

I strongly feel in my spirit that this year is going to be a great year, and I’m just ready to see how Father performs wonders through me. The last couple months of 2018 was more of a wilderness/learning season for me, and I believe I needed to go through it in order to be prepared for the tasks He has put in my path.

I have so much that I would love to share with you guys in this post, but Father hasn’t given me permission to speak about it yet, so I will just wait.

Either way, I hope you guys are just as excited for 2019 as I am because it is going to be a blast! 💥

Till next time,

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