Let’s Talk About Narcissism: What They Don’t Tell You

A couple months ago, I briefly discussed Narcissism on my blog, but I ended up taking down the post because I wasn’t saved then and most of my view on the topic came from a physical worldly perspective instead of a spiritual one. Since my blog is now dedicated to my faith and I’ve grown so much spiritually to understand things from a completely different realm, I felt it in my spirit to revive this topic again for further discussion.

I’ve come to know since leaving a narcissistic relationship that a lot of people tend to get themselves involved with individuals who are narcissists without even realizing it, so I felt I would use this post to sort of give you guys a heads up on what to expect when you encounter someone who may carry this spirit.

Before I get into this discussion, I would just like to give you guys a brief story of my experience dating a narcissist, just so you can get a clearer picture of how these spirits operate and how the victims become affected by their behaviour.


So basically, when I was dating my narcissistic ex, I had no idea what or who a narcissist was. I was so oblivious to the term, narcissism”, that I didn’t even know that such characteristics of a person had a name, talkless of an actual medical condition. All my time of dating my narcissistic ex, I found myself in a position where I was constantly abused emotionally without even realizing that I was dealing with a bigger issue than what I could see physically. And since this individual was so good at pointing the problems in the relationship back to me, I always found myself doubting my own reality and constantly trying to fix aspects of myself that I didn’t even think needed fixing.

As someone who is very emotional and feels so much empathy for others, I always had many cases where the narcissists would tell me to stop being emotional and sensitive. So I would constantly try my hardest to keep a hardened heart, even when a huge part of me was very soft and vulnerable. At the same time, I found myself giving soo much to the relationship without getting anything back in return which was extremely draining.

In addition to it all, each time I found myself crying over a situation that needed me to express my emotions, I was constantly ignored by the narcissist and called out for being “too emotional”. Basically, I wasn’t allowed to be myself, and even when I tried my hardest to go cold turkey to please the narcissist, the spirit always found something to complain about. It was truly an exhausting experience that eventually led me to fall into a state of depression. Mind you, I’ve NEVER been someone to be labelled as depressed, but apparently, I found myself suffering from a terrible mental condition that I felt couldn’t be fixed. Since narcissists are very good at gaslighting and never take the blame for any wrongs, I remained in a position where I constantly felt like I needed fixing because I took all the problems in the relationship as being my fault.

After a while of going through the emotional roller coaster and doubting my reality, I felt like something needed to be addressed. My engineering brain started to pick up on patterns in the relationship that just didn’t add up, so I decided to play the undercover cop. I began recording conversations in our relationship and even screenshotting text messages because I noticed that the narcissist was very very good at making me doubt my reality and I had to hold on to these media files as proof that I wasn’t insane. Crazy right?? 


By the way, if you have no idea what I mean when I say “making me doubt my own reality”, it basically refers to a situation where a person makes you believe a scenario never happened, when in fact it did.

So moving on; Towards the end of the relationship, I ended up getting introduced to the term narcissism and found out the spirit working behind the scene of the relationship. At the same time, my mother fasted and prayed for me during the process because of the depressive state I was in.

The spirit eventually knew I was onto him because I started standing up for myself and speaking up when I had a chance to, so it felt overpowered and decided to discard me, which honestly set me free from the toxicity. Surprisingly, my depression left after ending the relationship. Shocking!!

Why I’m sharing my story and writing this post is to warn people out there who are not familiar with this kind of demonic entity that is very rampant these days. Most times, people in toxic relationships may find themselves dating individuals that carry on these spirits without even realizing that it actually has a name.

Let's talk about Narcissism

Behind the narcissist is a spirit called Leviathan which is found in Job 41. This demonic spirit is out there roaming about, but people simply assume it’s a disorder that simply can’t be treated. But since your girl is all spiritual up in here, well I’m here to tell you guys that those narcissists are carrying a demonic spirit.

I truly do not believe narcissism cannot be cured, because the truth is that, these people are honestly wounded inside and need Jesus. Most of them just aren’t willing to be vulnerable, so they choose to host Leviathan instead of allowing Jesus to heal them.  Some of them would even claim to be saved Christians to continue with their tactics… but the truth is, they possess no fruits of the Spirit because the Holy Spirit doesn’t live in them.


Since I’m bringing up this topic again, I just thought I would share some of the common traits to spot in someone who carries this Leviathan spirit. So be sure to pray for anyone you encounter with this spirit because honestly, they truly need the love of God in their lives.

Let's talk about Narcissism

Spotting the Spirit of Narcissism

1.) They lack Empathy: This is the MAJOR characteristic of this spirit (Job 41:21 – Its heart is hard as a rock, hard as a millstone) 

2.) They are very prideful: People with this spirit tend to have a lot of pride (Job 41:34)

3.) They are very ambitious people: Since the spirit behind narcissism is very prideful, most of the hosts would be quite ambitious in nature.

4.) They come off as very charming: They tend to make VERY GOOD first impressions to get your attention, only to turn cold turkey down the line

5.) They are very hard to spot: Since they make very good first impressions, it can be quite difficult to spot them (Job 41:1)

6.) Gaslighting: They are kings and queens at gaslighting

7.) Can be male or female: Demonic entities don’t care about gender, so you can find this spirit amongst males and females

8.) Unemotional: They tend to show no emotions. However, they can be very good at putting on a face if that gives them attention.

9.) Commonly found in leadership roles: They tend to end up in leadership roles and are usually quite successful since it’s in their very nature to be ambitious. So often times you could find them as CEO’s, Pastors, Heads of community or local groups, etc.

10.) Difficult to confront: Such people tend to only want their own way, so they can be the most difficult people to settle arguments with or discuss matters with. Confrontations can usually lead to acts of rage, making it harder to resolve disputes.

11.) They care a lot about their image: People with this spirit tend to care so much about their public image that they don’t mind throwing others into a pit if it means keeping their reputation safe.

12.) They label their victims as crazy: Most victims of Narcissists are usually labelled by the narcissist as being crazy. This goes back to the previous point stated.

13.) Selfish: Only looking after themselves and their own needs.

14.) Entitlement

15.) Substance use: They tend to be alcoholics, drug addicts or have some sort of substance use. Most times they use this to fill the void that only Jesus can fill, so you would often find them making use of substances to hide their insecurities.

16.) Never take the blame: It’s always your fault and never theirs, making them very difficult to compromise with.

17.) Although they are cold-hearted, they do experience guilt: Often times people would assume narcissists don’t experience guilt, but a lot of them actually do and this is usually what separates them from their cousin spirit the psychopath. 

18.) Can be religious: Those with traits of narcissism can hide behind the mask of religion but have no real authentic relationship with God.

19.) Exploitation: They tend to exploit others for their own gain and discard when finished. Hence why a lot of their victims go through very difficult breakups.

20.) They seek after empaths: Most narcissists tend to go after empaths because of the emotional traits such people have. Since a lot of empaths tend to be givers, narcissists find this characteristic very beneficial to them. In addition to chasing after empaths, they also choose partners based on superficial characteristics such as wealth, body image, fame, etc. To the narcissist, associating with such individuals helps fuel their pride, so they never really commit on an emotional basis.

21.) Emotional abuse from childhood: People who carry on the Leviathan spirit usually went through some form of emotional abuse at a young age. Either their father or mother abused, neglected, rejected, or criticized them when growing up, so they never properly received emotional support and healing. That, in turn, caused them to have wounds that give Leviathan legal access.

22.) They operate alongside Jezebel: Leviathan works well with Jezebel, so often times you would also see traits of the Jezebel spirit present in such individuals.

These are just 22 of the few traits you would likely find amongst individuals who carry on this dangerous spirit.

If you’ve ever been involved with or suffered abuse from someone who carries on the spirit of narcissism, I want to reassure you that you aren’t crazy or delusional. This spirit seeks to manipulate and destroy individuals, hence why it’s very important to be strong spiritually in order to discern such demonic entities.

Always know that Jesus loves you with an everlasting love and would definitely make the narcissism healing process so much QUICKER!!!

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Till next time,

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