Loads Of Stuff Coming + Taking A Break For Now

Loads Of Stuff Coming + Taking A Break For Now

    Oh my gosh.. how do I even begin???

So much has been on my plate recently and I don’t even know exactly where to start from.

First off, I have a crazy schedule with classes that requires most of my time being dedicated to studying, and I also have this blog and other side hussles to take care of, so it has really been exhausting for me.

Sometimes I wish I could have just enough time to sit down and chat with you guys about what’s been going on in my life, but I really haven’t been able to. Hopefully, with time I will get a chance.

With that being said, there’s A LOT of changes coming soon, but I can’t discuss them with you guys unfortunately, because Holy Spirit hasn’t given me the permission to yet… AND ALSO, I don’t want the enemy knowing what’s really happening at this very moment.

I’m very well aware of the people that come around to read my blog and some of them don’t have very good intentions at heart. So Father and I are keeping things VERY VERY private.

I will let you guys know what exactly has been going on behind the scenes after everything has come full circle, so right now all I can say is patience. Honestly, I wish I could just start talking about all the amazing things that are coming, but I’m really biting my tongue on this one because it’s very important to Father, so I guess I would have to keep biting my tongue a bit longer.

Since there’s so much coming, I do want to let you guys know that I would be taking a break from the blog for at least a month. I need so much time this period to get a lot of things sorted out, plus I have exams to focus on as well, so taking this break would be very much needed.

I forgot to mention that I’m back on social media again after taking a short break from it a while ago, so yay to that! lol.

You can still keep in touch on Instagram or Twitter until I’m back later with some exciting news!

So see ya’ll soon, and stay warm.


Hey There! I’m Eleanor, a 21 year old lover of Jesus Christ and all things of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hope you stick around as I take you on my faith journey through this temporary world.

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