Intimacy Just Got Deeper And I Won’t Pass This Up For Anything

So recently as my intimacy grew with Abba, He began to draw nearer to me. Gosh, I’m so in love with Him, my friends literally think I’m insane. But I promise I’m not.

Each day He reveals Himself to me in little bits and pieces. I had a vision yesterday for the first time. And I was so impatient to know what it meant because the vision kept popping in my head throughout the day. I eventually contacted Egie (my teacher) to understand what it all meant because it was so biblical and confusing.

Apparently, Father is trying to teach me something through His word. So although I may not know what He is trying to teach me just yet, I do know that it would have an impact on the way I see Him.


I love Father soo much, I don’t understand how people go about their days without involving Him. I remember telling Egie how much I prefer talking to Papa over my earthly mother and father. He is so much more loving and understanding. But most importantly, so ever-present and willing to listen whenever I have something to say.

I don’t want to end up becoming a spoiled child by always being in His presence, so I keep asking Him for humility so that I don’t start to see myself as better than anyone else for getting close to Him.

intimacy with papa

Humility is Key to Intimacy…

I truly believe Papa loves humility but sadly, it’s something that a lot of people lack. But I’ve been learning with the help of the Holy Spirit to stay humble each time I’m in His presence and in the presence of others.

Seeing others as better than I am has been the key to staying humble. Knowing that Papa has no favourites and loves us all just the same is another reason to stay humble. And knowing that all power comes from Him and only Him alone is enough reason to give up the pride and be responsible.

My Christian group (True Christianity) has been a blessing to me. My mentors on there are always so ready to listen to all I have to say, even when most of it doesn’t make sense. Plus, I get the chance to hear more from Papa since I’m not yet 100% accurate in knowing His voice.

Intimacy with God

Trust and know that He is God

He speaks to me a lot, but last night was the very first time I really had the opportunity to decipher and know Him a little bit more. All kinds of unbelief that I never really addressed and revealed suddenly disappeared, and I began to see the world so differently again.

We truly do have a living Almighty, All-powerful, All-loving God who desires to have intimacy with us, just as He had with Adam. But sadly, many are still very lost in the world and don’t have the opportunity to really know Papa.

Pride is what Papa truly dislikes and I feel like it’s one thing that stops a lot of people from truly getting to know Him, besides unbelief and lack of faith. But since I’ve been learning to put pride aside and focus more on Him. It has truly been worth it.

I’m hoping to share more of my experiences with you guys in video format, so check out my youtube HERE

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