I’m Pissed.

Arghhhh.. I’m actually typing up this post somewhat pissed off because the devil really tried it again.

So apparently, warfare became so intense for me in the last few days and I truly believe there were reasons for it. One reason being the fact that I’ve been fighting other people’s demons. And the other reasons…… I’m not going to disclose on the blog. sorry.

2 nights ago Father gave me a warning dream (like he always does). And each time I get these revelations from Him, I already know it means warfare is coming. Mind you, these dreams are usually super scary- and I frigging hate getting them. But apparently, Father really loves to show me the demons I’m battling, so I can’t really do anything about it.

Anyways, after receiving the dream. My next move was to pray a warfare prayer. But honestly, I wasn’t really feeling it, although Holy Spirit was nudging me to pray.

I have my lazy days. And turns out this day just happened to be one. But I just wasn’t in the mood to battle, so I brushed it off thinking everything would be okay.

Usually, I would pray in tongues (because that loser wouldn’t know what I’m saying). But since I was super tired, I decided to go with the old school “Lord’s prayer”.

I'm pissed

As if that would help the situation, well guess what? It didn’t. Well, maybe a little bit. But I didn’t notice a difference.

And you probably guessed it—–

I got super attacked.

And even though I was under attack and I could sense the spirit of heaviness, I still didn’t feel like praying. I WAS THAT LAZY!

Anyways, back to the point.

So I got super attacked and I cried. eww.

Oh, I hate hate hate allowing the enemy feel like he’s got the upper hand, but I did shed a few tears.

A fewwwww….

Like you can literally count it.

But yes, I did cry. Whatever.

But then I realized something after. Each time I’m about to do something amazing for God or lead someone to Christ, IT ALWAYS HAPPENS!! The warfare begins and I get attacked. Then a couple of hours later, I would receive a call or text from someone who is unsaved and wants to come to Christ.

It’s crazy how this happens to me every time something good is coming. And I truly haven’t seen anyone who works harder than the devil. That dude is the definition of motivated. I definitely give him credit for that.

But anyways, I felt I would use my story to encourage you to fight the battle. If you’re experiencing warfare, sometimes it could mean that something great is ahead of you. Even though you can’t really see it at the moment.

Oh and don’t end up doing what I did. The Lord’s prayer is good. But those demons still need to hear the blood of Jesus. So put on your armour and war!!

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Till next time,

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