So I’ve been learning so much about Humility and it’s been a good experience. Some of the things I thought I knew about humility has actually been false and these days I’m seeing it from a completely different perspective.

I’ve come to know that humility is an intentional thing and more of a heart thing as well. If the intention behind something comes from a place of pride, then it is no longer considered as humility.

At times, we may feel like we want to do something good for others, but if the intention behind it is actually from a place of show-off or pride, then it is no longer considered as humility.

For example, if we decide to give to the poor, but the intention behind it is actually from a place of trying to show others that you are a “giver” rather than actually caring about the “act of giving” we completely miss out on being humble.

I’ve come to see humility as a heart thing. If you’re doing something good for someone but your heart is doing it from a place of pride, it still defeats the purpose of humility. When giving or sharing, we need to be mindful of where our heart intention is. Are we doing it to prove to others that we know better, or that we can give better? OR are we doing it because we actually show that we care for the individual who is likely to be on the receiving end?


It’s really all a heart thing, and I’m learning this as well. 

Sometimes, we need to also pay attention to our conscience. If we’re about to do something and our conscience feels it’s not right, then it’s better to just let it go than try to prove why it should be right. We start a battle between our conscience and what we want to believe is right which drags us further away from becoming a better individual.

And that’s where humility comes into place. We can become humble by really paying attention to where our conscience lies.

For instance, a famous celebrity decides to donate $500,000 to an orphanage. Obviously donating money is great and all, but if the celebrity is only giving that $500,000 because she wants to show others that she is a giver or that she actually cares for the poor, humility in that sense is lost. It now comes from a place of self-pride and not from a place of humility.

Humility doesn’t try to show others or prove to others, it doesn’t seek validation from others. Rather, humility doesn’t care about validation. It doesn’t try to prove to others, rather, it respects others. It thinks of others as better than itself (Philippians 2:3).

Humility doesn’t pay attention to numbers of followers or how much more it has than others, pride does. It doesn’t boast, pride does. It ends up being exalted, pride doesn’t (Matthew 23:12). It is not picky, pride is. It doesn’t act like a know-it-all, pride does.

Every day our aim should be to strive to remain humble and not ignore our conscience when it tells us right from wrong. If our Heavenly Father can humble Himself to come and die on the cross for our sins, who are we to be prideful? After all, He is the creator of the universe, He could be prideful about it, but He isn’t. He still comes down and humbles Himself.

Humility is such a good trait to have, we should all want it!

Credit: Holy Spirit!

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