How I Started Hearing The Voice Of God

I got baptised on the 1st of September 2018 (literally 2 weeks after I told Jesus to come into my heart). And at that time, I wasn’t really hearing Father’s voice at all.

Back then He used to speak to me mostly through visions and dreams, but never audibly. And because of that, I longed to hear His voice.

I was so in love with Him and His presence that I was willing to do anything to hear Him. But after trying and failing several times, I gave up and decided to let Him take the wheel.

On the 29th of that same month, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.. and it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (no kidding). I felt like a bride as I spoke in a beautiful Heavenly language and in that moment, no one could lie to me that I wasn’t deeply loved by my Daddy.

After that experience, my relationship with Holy Spirit began to develop. He will wake me up at odd hours in the night to spend time with Him. And during those moments, He will pour His sweet sweet love (that I can’t get enough of) into my heart.

As a result, I became obsessed with Him. I would spend my entire day just talking to Him, even when I wasn’t hearing His voice. Because His love for me was just too deep that I couldn’t escape His presence.

And for someone like me who came from an extremely broken and abusive past, feeling that love was all I needed to be healed and whole again.

Then it happened…

One day, I was out in a mechanic shop getting my oil changed when I suddenly started hearing an audible voice speak back to me. He kept talking and talking and responding to every thought that came into my mind that I nearly freaked out.

I was excited, but at the same time nervous.. and I just kept saying to myself. “Woah..The creator of the universe is speaking to me??” 

He thought it was funny though.. But still, I was mindblown.

We kept talking throughout the day, and all I kept saying was “I’m sorry” “I’m sorry” .. because when you start hearing Him at that capacity, you would be so sensitive to sin that each time you get even the slightest sinful thought you’d repent.

Anyways, He literally kept speaking to the point that I had to force myself to sleep because it was too much. And since I wasn’t yet a professional at holding my thoughts captive, I was trying to escape from repeatedly confessing my sinful thoughts.

Thankfully, with time, I learned how to tune Him out and tune Him in. Just like a radio receiver. Because He does talk A LOT!!!!!

And if you’re currently struggling to hear the voice of God, do know that He wants you to hear Him just as much as you do. However, one question you really need to ask yourself is “Are you tuned in?”

Because the truth is, God is always speaking to us. But because a lot of us are not tuned in to hear Him audibly, He then uses other means like visions, impressions, dreams or even people to speak to us.

How to be tuned in to hear the voice of God  

First things first, you need faith to hear Him.

If you don’t believe that He is speaking to you, then you’d be wasting your time even trying to hear Him. Because that alone won’t move Him to speak to you.

The reason why God speaks to Kids easily is because of their childlike faith to believe that He is real and speaks often. So if you haven’t tapped into your childlike faith, I highly recommend you do that. Because in the Kingdom, we are to come as children (Matthew 18:1-5). And believe me, it’s going to take a whole lot of Humility to do so.

Secondly, spend more time in His presence.

When I first started hearing God, I used to spend loads of time in His presence. I will take Him everywhere with me. To the mall, grocery store, friends houses, etc.. and I never locked Him up in my bedroom.

Even as I’m typing this post, I’m still talking to Him. Because communion is the key to hearing Him.

If you only spend time with Him at certain hours of your day, you would only hear Him in bits and pieces. And as a result of that, your discernment will not be sharp. But if you carry on His presence and take Him everywhere with you (while remaining in constant fellowship), you would hear Him continuously.

Thirdly, dive deeper into the word.

The more time you spend reading scripture, the clearer you will hear the voice of God. He speaks through His word..!!

I love dissecting scripture and I always use different versions to study Him. And honestly, it makes His voice much clearer to me.

Seek after revelation not memorization, because that would make Him become more real to you. The more He reveals Himself to you in scripture, the clearer His voice will become. Plus, it will sharpen your discernment which helps in ignoring the voice of the enemy.

Lastly, practice stillness and waiting 

When you’re in His presence, speak less and listen more. Most importantly, WAIT! Even if you don’t hear Him immediately, just wait and listen. Sometimes this can last 20minutes or more, but it’s important you wait.

In addition, Be still and know that He is God. Because stillness is very important.

I pray your ears will open to hear the voice of God clearly today.

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