Hearing God’s Voice More Frequently These Days

Is it just me or is it my thoughts?

This is one questions that I continuously keep asking myself, and each time I do, the next response I get is

“it’s not your thoughts, it’s Me speaking to you”

When Father started speaking to me, I was extremely confused. This whole time I was expecting something very obvious and extraordinary (like thunder in the clouds or a burning bush), but apparently, that’s not how things ended up being.

He started to speak more and more, but little me still remained confused.

The very first time I heard Him and knew for sure it was Him was during prayer chain on my Christian group.

I remember saying; “Father I know you barely speak to me and I don’t know your voice” and I remember His reply being “My sheep hear my voice”. That made me sink in with joy.

The second time was actually quite clearer and more obvious. I was led to read the book of Acts and while I just finished on chapter 2, I remembered a voice in my head directing me to read Psalm 16. If you’ve read Act chapter 2, then you would know that Psalm 16 is a good reference for that particular chapter because Psalm 16 is exactly the verse where King David spoke in reference to it.

When I correlated both, I was in awe. I finally told myself. “Yup, God is definitely speaking to me

But amidst seeing these two correlations, I still remained in a bit of doubt that God was speaking to me, even though some part of me actually believed He did.

God's voice

So during quiet time, I remember just being still (as instructed) and listening. I kept asking “God are you speaking to me”, and He kept replying “Yes, I’m speaking to you, it’s not your thoughts or your head, it’s me speaking to you”

But amidst hearing that, I still felt very confused and doubtful. The voice did give me a few instructions though, but I didn’t want to act on it, because I did not want to go about saying God said when I wasn’t really sure it was His voice. Because to be honest, I do hear different voices, but it really all comes down to discernment (which He has given me).

Anyways, this third time, the voice told me that someone in my group would let me know that He is speaking to me. So I patiently waited. After a while, I sort of gave up waiting and assumed it was just my thoughts speaking. But lo and behold, an hour or two later, I got a call from Michael (a friend in my group) who told me that God is speaking to me. He told me that it’s not a coincidence that he called me out of nowhere, but that he felt led to call me.

Shocking right???? I literally started laughing because I knew it was Daddy speaking to me after all. It made me so happy not to seem crazy for a moment.

I’m still not a pro. Because although I know it’s Him speaking, I still keep asking “Father is that you speaking to me?” lol

I do it just to be sure it’s Him, because if it isn’t Him, then I don’t want to know.

Sometimes we think God speaks like the burning bush, but He actually doesn’t. It’s a still small voice that you just have to pay attention to. The more time you spend in His presence, the more you will start to know His voice because He would start speaking to you consistently. And honestly, it’s an unfathomable experience.

I keep saying to myself, the creator of the world is speaking to me? I’m just a mere human, but He is speaking to me. And it makes me so happy to not feel alone. He is a really cool Dad too and He makes me laugh a lot actually too.

People sometimes mistake Father as being an angry God who would just hop on you instantly, but He really is loving and caring. And He wants everyone, including you, reading this post to get to know Him more.

Just let go of the world and seek Him, and trust me, it’s the best feeling !!

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