Happy Birthday To Me 🎉🎊🎂😁

WOW. I’m freaking 21??!!!

How the heck did I get here?? Only Father knows.

This is one of the best birthday’s I’ve experienced because I have Abba to be a HUGE part of it. He’s pruning me and growing me in the process and I’m so grateful.

Happy birthday to me 8188 300x300 - Happy Birthday To Me 🎉🎊🎂😁

I’ve been so happy these last few months, I can’t even control it. The happiness I feel with Him is so unexplainable and the joy in His presence is the best feeling ever. I’m basically spending the day with Him because who else is better than Abba? No one!

I was driving today and I started to remember my birthday from last year. It wasn’t the best birthday, but it was okay. I was in a toxic relationship and there was no trace of happiness in it, because I wasn’t saved then and didn’t have Father. But this time around, I feel so much joy. This day is so different from the rest. It’s more peaceful and I feel so blessed.

Happy birthday to me_8186

Abba chased me down and blocked every toxicity from my life to get me to this current position. I’m so grateful for the people He removed from my life because if He hadn’t taken them away, I don’t know where I’d be.

This is one of the best feelings money cannot buy, and I won’t give it up any day. I still have a lot of growing up to do, but I know with Daddy by my side, I have no worries.

Happy birthday to me 8189 300x300 - Happy Birthday To Me 🎉🎊🎂😁

21 isn’t beans! it comes with so much responsibility and character changes. Most of all, it comes with independence. Abba has really shown me that being alone can be so much more fun than being stuck around people who won’t add to me. Because truthfully speaking, I’m never alone.

I want to thank all the people that left my life and gave up on me, cause if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be experiencing this much JOY.

It is a huge huge blessing to be saved and chosen. Not just by mere humans, but my own creator!! My own Father!! Ugh, I love Him so much.

Happy birthday to me_8186

I’m so excited to see what 21 would bring. At least now I can change my license, lol.

Most people get excited about turning 21 because of alcohol, drinking, bars and the rest, but since getting close to Abba, those things don’t faze me anymore. Knowing that I won’t be the bar girl or drinker is one reason why I don’t see this age as most people will. I love father too much to care so much about those worldly things.

Maybe a little wine once in a blue moon.

Either way, Cheers to 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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