Back To School Stress

Back To School Stress

School started on Monday and already it feels like I don’t have enough time to get things done. I literally thought I would have everything figured out by now since I had so much time to myself last year. But apparently, I don’t. I’m taking a lot of classes this semester to make up for the year I took off to intern, and it’s making me super busy.

I assumed having Father around would take the load off by 50%, but from the look of things, He is increasing the load by another 30%.

I say this because I used to be the girl who was a huge fan of Chegg and copying other people’s homework. But now that Father is around, I’m no longer allowed to do such things. I now have to study way harder for my courses, even when everyone around me is getting the easy way out (aka… cheating).

I do like the fact that Holy Spirit is teaching me step by step all I need to know. But sometimes, I get super tired of reading and soaking in material that I prefer to have the answers handed to me on a platter of gold. However, since Father wouldn’t let it happen, I have no other choice but to dedicate my time to studying. 🙁

Back to school stress

In other news…, My start to the semester was actually very amazing. The first day of class was very welcoming and fun. I got to meet a lot of longtime friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and also became part of a group chat full of black chemical engineers. It was really fun being around groups of people again, and I truly believe God had it all planned out for me.

Before the start of the semester, I was worried about being alone and having no one to really talk to, since most of my close friends graduated last year. But as God would have it, He brought some amazing people to me, and I’m definitely thankful for the new company.

Now, In terms of spirituality, I do want to say that it feels a little odd getting back on campus. I believe it’s because I spent so much time last year separated from the world, that getting back feels very unnatural. Either way, I’m hoping to get over this phase sooner.

In terms of blogging, I’m a bit worried about being consistent with posts, because my year seems to be super packed! I have so much going on with school that I find myself feeling exhausted to write. But I’m hoping to replan my schedule to update you guys on what’s been going on, because I do have so much to say, but no time to really sit down and write.

Just keep me in your prayers, because your girl has been super duper stressed out with school.!

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