A Weekend Getaway

I’m currently typing this post in the car on my way back from kentucky. This weekend has been hella busy for me, and I feel so bad for slacking on the blog. I know I told you guys I would be sticking to a schedule, but I’m super duper sorry about this week.

As you guys know I’m really introverted. So this weekened, my roommate and a couple of friends decided we should all travel for a weekend getaway with our significant others. Initially, I wasn’t interested because I just happen to be the only single one among them, so I thought it would be very awkward tagging along. However, after much thought I decided to just give it a shot…. I mean, nothing bad could possibly happen right….?


I totally wish I never went.

A weekend getaway

One thing I learned from this trip is the fact that I need to truly grieve the loss of my dad. Because being out and seeing the world move on made it very real to me that I had completely shut myself off from society.

Conversations felt awkard. Interacting with new faces made me want to run under my bed and hide. Billboard Signs, symbols and food reminded me of my dad. And as if that wasn’t enough, seeing my friends be happy with their boyfirneds made it absolutley clear to me that I should probably stop cutting off every man that ever tries to walk into my life.

Regardless of how things went, I would still conclude by saying that I had an amazing time. Maybe not as amazing as I would have liked it to be, but I did feel proud of myself for leaving the four corners of my apartment without worrying if the Lord would take me any second.

How is your summer going? Do you have a weekend getaway planned? Let me whats up in the comments.. 

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