A Very Intense Warfare

Sigh, I don’t even know how to begin typing this post because A LOT happened to me in the month of February. I faced so much warfare in that month that I literally found myself being super pissed at God.

I was in a position where I couldn’t pray, I felt so vulnerable and I was just spiritually exhausted. Holy Spirit kept talking to me throughout and even woke me several times to pray, but I was just so pissed at God that I literally ignored Him and acted like He wasn’t even there.

Have you ever had those days where things don’t go your way and you suddenly find yourself being very angry at God? Well, that was my situation and honestly, it wasn’t fun.

What really made me very angry at God was the fact that He allowed the attacks to happen as His way of testing me. So when I prayed warfare prayers and realized nothing was happening, I just knew He allowed it to hit me, and that really pissed me off.

As time went on, my anger grew, and I found myself in a position where I started to notice something very different about myself. I wasn’t normal anymore and I became more and more frustrated with everything around me that it almost started to make me super sad. But I’m very thankful for the few friends that came into my life and actually spoke kind and supportive words because, at that moment, I really needed a TON of emotional support as I had gone through so much warfare.

I also cut off a LOT of other friends in the process, because apparently, hard times has a way of revealing people’s true colours, so I was grateful to see that.

A Very Intense Warfare

The Aftermath

Thinking that the test was finally over because I started to see blessings coming my way, little did I know I was only getting ready for the biggest warfare against me.

I found myself battling the spirit of death and a ton of other strongholds and witchcraft that was put out to get me. IT WAS CRAZY!!! I had never warred so hard in my entire LIFE!! I even got super dizzy because I was that exhausted calling Heaven down. I’m pretty sure those devils are tired of me at this point because I was not having it AT ALL.

I truly feel like all this started to come around the point of launching my ministry, and I’m so thankful Holy Spirit also sent some prayer warrior friends who live close by to join me in the fighting process.

“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

It has been a crazy period for me, but I’m so glad I made it through, and I’m definitely thankful for the friends who came around to war with me. You guys are the best.

I literally feel so much peace now, and it feels good to start getting back to normal.

With that being said, If you’re reading this and you ever find yourself in a position of constant attacks, I truly suggest getting friends who would be willing to fight warfare prayers with you. I’ve seen from personal experience the power of having a team of warring friends and it really does help during spiritual warfares.

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