A Revival Happened

Recently, Holy Spirit prompted a close friend of mine, Abigail (soon to be roommate) to host an event on the 30th of March. When she first told me about this event, I didn’t think anything big of it, as I assumed it would just be another basic worship event like a regular sunday service. But little did I know that I was about to be part of a HUGE revival.

The day prior to the event, she hit me up to come over to the venue for a prayer session with her and 5 other friends concerning the event, and I decided I will tag along.

Again, since I didn’t think anything big of the event, I assumed the prayer session would be brief.

However, the minute I arrived at the venue and we began praying, there was suddenly a HUGE shift in the atmosphere. After about 10 minutes of praying in the spirit, I started smiling uncontrollably because I could sense Holy Spirit’s presence SOO strongly. As His presence intensified, we all held hands together and continued praying in the spirit.

 A revival happened

The Lord then revealed to the man of God who was amongst us in the circle that the revival was starting immediately. And as soon as he gave us the message, we suddenly found ourselves on the floor screaming and rolling.

Holy Spirit had completely taken control over the prayer session and Jesus showed up and started pouring oil on all of us. There was so much that happened that night including deliverances that I can’t even describe in words, but It was completely overwhelming.

Revival: The Event Day..

The following day of the event, I decided I would come more prepared. Since Holy Spirit had surprised us the night before, I already concluded in my heart that He would do something even greater.

As the event began, we decided to saturate the atmosphere with praise and worship as we waited for more guests to come. I wasn’t really feeling Holy Spirit’s presence strongly yet, so I decided that the event may not be as huge as I had anticipated.

However, by the time the room filled up, a sudden shift began to happen. I suddenly lost complete control of myself and fell to the floor screaming. There was so much fire in the room, it literally felt like a wave was moving in the room. There were angels carrying baskets and giving out gifts as well as healing, and it was so amazing to receive.

A revival happened today

For the first time, I became drunk in the spirit as Jesus kept pouring wine for all of us. I’ve heard of people getting drunk in the spirit before, but I never knew what it felt like until I experienced it for myself. It really was a fun time with the Lord and I was so thankful to be part of such an amazing revival.

Healings took place, and generational curses were broken…and It was truly great to see the Lord bring about restoration to families. Father really exceeded my expectations on this one, and now I see why there’s been so many intense warfares in the last couple months.

I still don’t know exactly what the Lord is trying to do over here, but I guess time would reveal everything.

Till next time,

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