21 Truths I’ve Learned At 21

I should have made this post when I turned 21 last year, but since I didn’t have the chance to, I decided to postpone it.

Today, I’m going to be sharing 21 truths I’ve learned at 21. This topic is so personal to me because I truly feel like I’ve experienced so much more than the average 21-year-old. And my experiences have taught me so much that I believe would help someone else out there.

So without any further talk, let’s get on with it, shall we? 

21 Truths I’ve Learned At 21

1.) Time Heals All Wounds

I know a lot of people might disagree with this, but I’ve seen from personal experience the importance of giving things time. I had to learn to be patient with healing, knowing that time would eventually mend the wounds.

2.) Always Have A Backup Plan

I’m that person that usually likes to dive in and do things without really thinking about what could possibly happen if things don’t go the way I expect it to. And after finding myself in a position of taking many failed risks, I had to learn this one the hard way.

21 Truths I've learned at 21

3.) Wait till marriage

If someone told me earlier in life that soul ties were very real, I probably would have put a padlock on my vagina. It wasn’t until I found myself wanting to remain with people I had no interest in, that I realized something was spiritually wrong with me.

Soul ties are very real, and it’s very important that we all wait till marriage in order to have intercourse. Plus, our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, so we definitely shouldn’t sadden Him by practising fornication.

4.) Build intimacy with God, not a Sunday situationship 

I used to be the regular Sunday church-goer (before salvation). And I truly believed I was a saved sanctified Christian because I happened to get out of bed on Sundays. It wasn’t until I developed intimacy with God that I realized I was never truly a Christian. There’s something about having intimacy with the Holy Spirit that changes a person’s life for the better. Believe me, He’s the best.

5.) Singleness is actually not that bad 

Take it from a girl who absolutely hated the idea of being single. Now I absolutely love it. In fact, I’m super cautious about dating again that I rather just stay single than deal with another person’s problems. Plus, I have Holy Spirit around me 24/7. Who needs a mate, when God is already enough?

21 Truths I've learned at 21

6.) Find your calling, it would save you wasted effort 

As someone who has tried pretty much every possible way to earn a living. You definitely would want to listen to this one. Finding your purpose is key, because the moment you do, everything else would fall into place.

Proverbs 19:21 taught me that no matter how hard I work, if I’m not in God’s will, I’m only wasting my time trying. So I rather not even bother.

7.) Take care of your health

This one was definitely a lesson learned

8.) Holy Spirit is your bestfriend 

Oh, how I wish I would have known you sooner Holy Spirit! Jesus definitely gave us the most amazing gift when He left and I truly thank Him for Holy Spirit. He’s my counsellor, comforter, movie partner, teacher, and pretty much everything else I could ever want in a friend– Plus His jokes are super funny. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

21 Truths I've learned at 21

9.) Death to self is key 

Now I understand what Kathryn Kuhlman meant when she said “I’ve died a thousand deaths” because honestly, it is so worth it. Denying oneself to serve Jesus daily is something that I don’t think twice about. It has truly blessed me significantly and led me towards purpose.

10.) The world sucks, so come out of it

If you’re still trying to live for the world in 2019– newsflash! you’re going to hate it! The world we live in is so evil and I’m a living testimony to prove how evil it is. Coming out of the world to seek the Kingdom of God has really changed my life. I dare not ever go back!

11.) Wisdom will save your life 

Take it from someone who was once considered foolish to the godly and wise to the world. Asking for wisdom from God has made me see the world from a completely different angle and I’m happy to no longer be considered foolish.

12.) Grow spiritually, you’ll learn more about life and the unseen realm 

Also, as someone who had to fight a lot of demons after getting saved (and still currently does). I definitely needed the growth in order to be strong. It sure opened my eyes to things I did not even believe still existed.

21 Truths I've learned at 21

13.) Christianity is way more fun than what people make it out to be 

Chasing angels? Seeing Heaven? Dining with Jesus? Walking in glory? What more could anyone even ask for???

14.) Slain in the spirit 

Let’s not even talk about this one. I have no words.

15.) Humility is vital 

All I can say is “Those who humble themselves would be exalted, and those who exalt themselves would be humbled” I learned this one the hard way. Thanks Father.

16.) Give as often as you can 

I actually loved learning about giving because it is the only shot we get at testing God. The book of Malachi contains the only verse in scripture where God gives us the chance to test Him. Best believe I always take the opportunity.

21 Truths I've learned at 21

17.) Read your bible 

I never used to read my Bible consistently until I got saved and became hungry. BEST BOOK EVER!

18.) Don’t put your trust in mere humans 

They would always fail you, even your closest friends. Lesson learned.

19.) Pray without ceasing 

We live in a spiritual warfare, and for a long time, I did not understand the importance of prayer. I guess those demons taught me a lesson.

20.) Jesus is all you need. 

Like seriously.

21.) Don’t be drunk with wine. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit 

Take it from a girl who got saved right before she turned 21. I definitely learned a hard lesson.

21 Truths I've learned at 21
FYI, it’s apple juice.

Till next time,

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