Sugar Puff Puff Recipe For A Quick Evening Snack

Woah.. guess who finally decided to make a recipe post?? MEE!!!. For a while now I’ve been so anxious to show you guys my puff puff recipe, but due to laziness, I didn’t have the chance to. However, because I had a little bit of extra time in my schedule (especially now that Game of thrones is over) I decided to write and record a post for you guys. *HUGE GRIN*

By the way, can we take a second to discuss the ending of this season and talk about how Bran Stark literally snitched on everyone?

If you haven’t seen the end yet… spoiler alert… it kinda sucked!

Anyways, back to business.

So for this puff puff recipe, you literally don’t need to stress too much about preparation. It’s actually one of my favorite snacks to munch on because the preparation is so straight forward and super easy. Aside the fact that you need a bit more time to allow the batter rise.

If you’re like me and you seriously don’t mind the wait, then this would be the perfect snack for you. It is so delicious, but I advice not to eat too much at one go so you don’t end up gaining a ton of weight like I did. hehehe 

Puff puff snack recipe  1024x1536 - Sugar Puff Puff Recipe For A Quick Evening Snack

Puff puff is actually a snack that is eaten in most west African countries, so don’t think this recipe is something from a different planet. It’s pretty similar to a lot of the other recipes out there, because tweaking it seems to ruin the overall unique flavor. I prefer to keep my recipe very simple with 5 ingredients. However, I know quite a few cooks who throw in some extra ingredients like nutmeg and Nutella (YUCK!) 

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puff puff recipe snack 1024x576 - Sugar Puff Puff Recipe For A Quick Evening Snack

If you’re looking for the original puff puff taste, then this is the recipe for you. But do feel free to add any extra ingredients you feel might take this dish to the next level. If you however add something unique while preparing it, let me know in the comments what extra ingredient you used so that I could try it out for myself.

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Some helpful tips I would give you in order to make this recipe come out looking appealing is to ensure that the quantity of oil you use is just enough to cover up a scoop of batter. In order words, make sure that you deep fry the batter so that your puff puff doesn’t end up looking flat instead of rounded.

Also, make sure you store the batter in a warm place while it rises, because yeast is sensitive to temperature.

In addition, the water you use should also be lukewarm.

puff puff recipe  1024x683 - Sugar Puff Puff Recipe For A Quick Evening Snack

Nigerian puff puff recipe 1024x1536 - Sugar Puff Puff Recipe For A Quick Evening Snack

After frying my puff puff, sometimes I like to sprinkle a bit of sugar on mine. This just helps to add a bit more sugary flavor to the snack, but I don’t recommend doing this all the time. The snack itself is actually very tasty without the extra sugar.

Here’s a recipe card for this snack ! Watch HERE

Sugar puff puff recipe

Nigerian puff puff recipe for the

Course Snack
Cuisine Nigerian
Keyword nigerian puff puff recipe, puff puff recipe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Waiting Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 45 minutes
Servings 3 people


  • 3 cups All purpose flour sieved
  • 2 1/4 tsp Active dry yeast
  • 2 cups lukewarm water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp nutmeg optional
  • 1 litre canola oil


  1. To a medium sized bowl, add all your dry ingredients and combine.

  2. Gradually add lukewarm water and mix until the batter becomes smooth

  3. Cover bowl with aluminium foil and napkin, then set aside.

  4. Allow batter to rise for about 2 hours in a warm location

  5. After about 2 hours, heat up 1 liter of canola oil in a medium-sized stainless steel pot on medium heat.

  6. Gradually scoop batter into oil (using an icecream scoop) and fry until golden brown

  7. In a Ziploc bag, add about 2 tablespoons of sugar and throw in thoroughly cooked puff puff balls. Shake the bag until the sugar is combined with the puff puff.

  8. Serve and enjoy!


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