This Dude Is Amazing

I literally love people who are deep thinkers and full of wisdom. And as someone who loves dissecting scripture and reading books, wisdom is something that I’m super attracted to. And each time I find someone who radiates wisdom, I literally become obsessed with them.

Recently, my obsession has been on Nathaniel Buzolic. He is a popular actor and I first got to know about him back when I was a fan of the vampire diaries. But since coming to Christ myself, it’s been nice to know that He is a follower of Jesus as well.

This man is full of so much wisdom.. I could literally cry..

The way God is using Him is so amazing that I have to write this post about Him because I want you guys to check Him out.

I’m super obsessed with Him at the moment and it’s great to see such people in Hollywood shining a light on the gospel.  If you guys haven’t checked Him out yet.. I highly suggest you do.

I could literally hear him speak all day.. His wisdom is just breathtaking.. And He speaks words I wish I could scream at people..

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