Starving For Meat And Getting Fed With Milk As Food

I’ve been so heartbroken recently by the lack of proper teaching in the church.

At the time of receiving Jesus, Father gave me a supernatural hunger for His word that threw me into a state of seeking. I went from being the girl who hated reading books to the girl who loved spiritual books and researching scripture. It was a God-given unquenchable hunger and all I wanted to do was learn.

This hunger of mine transitioned into a desire to ask questions. So I found myself constantly calling up various men of God in the faith to explain things about scripture to me.

As my hunger grew over the months, Holy Spirit started teaching me deeper things about the scriptures that I initially never knew about. I began to notice that my friends who had been in the faith longer than I was didn’t know some of these things.. as a result, I started to think I was weird.

“To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them. – Matthew 13:12”

Not only that, but I began to have supernatural encounters and see strange things in the spirit realm that I couldn’t comprehend. I would then reach out to some teachers of the word to give me a proper understanding, but most of them seemed shallow. Some even tried to impress me with their knowledge so as to prove their mandate, but they kept giving me milk without understanding that I was starving for meat.

Since no one could help me out, I had to rely solely on the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me. I badly wanted someone in my life to explain things to me–so as not to feel alone–but the people that kept coming along seemed shallow in their understanding.

Thankfully, during that period, God answered my prayers and led me to listen to Apostle Joshua Selman’s preachings as well as a few other ministers who helped me gain a better understanding of what I was seeing and sensing. In addition, He sent another man of God (my spiritual father) who is a deliverance minister.. and Holy Spirit mightly used him to teach me more about my experiences according to scriptures.

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Seeing as my growth was very quick, Father took me out of my local church and put me in another church where the members were much older and deeper in the things of the spirit. I didn’t understand why at first, but as I continued to attend the church, Father began to show me how I’ve been starving by remaining in communities where the members were not developing.

As all these changes were happening, Holy Spirit then led me to listen to niacerise’s prophetic word which spoke about the selfish servants. While listening, I began to cry because she was honestly speaking to me. Each time I struggled to comprehend what I was seeing or sensing, the ministers I turned to would turn a blind eye to it or conclude that I don’t know much. As a result, I stayed starving– praying to God for understanding and more revelation.

starving for meat

Are You Starving For Meat? 

There are some of you reading this who are hungry for more. Maybe you want to know more about God and the scriptures but your community seems shallow in their understanding. Listen, be led by the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide you to where you need to be. Over the course of my journey in Christ, I’ve had to change churches twice because of my development. I don’t recommend hopping from one church to another, however, if you’re starving for meat, you might need to reconsider.

Know that it’s okay to move on when God tells you to. Our journey with Christ is supposed to help us grow into maturity not remain as infants (see Matthew 4:11-16). So be eager to receive meat and not remain a baby.

Choosing a church

From my own personal experience, I’ve come to notice that Father usually leads me to communities where His love is the foundation. If at any point the head of that ministry is not walking in the fullness of His love or there is a lack of proper teaching and growth, I usually get moved out. In addition, if there’s any favoritism/control/gossip in regards to spirituality (where the voices and gifts of the members are silenced) Father would drag me out.

With that being said, I recommend you find a church where the Love of God is the foundation. Make sure the body gives you room to use your gifting and grace to practice it as well. I’ve seen churches where the leaders silenced the prophetic gifting of some members because they happened to speak out in error due to lack of discernment. There was no grace or room for growth, as a result, the members remained silenced.

Make sure your church allows you to grow in your gifting, even when you make errors. Any church that tries to silence the work of God in you should be avoided at all costs. When Peter told Jesus not to go to the cross, Jesus did not condemn Peter but instead rebuked Satan (Matthew 16:22). So let no church condemn you or become suspicious of you as you grow for making errors out of improper discernment.

In addition, find a church that has an understanding of God’s love and grace:

Some churches today are bound by religion that all they speak of is hell and judgment and never the mercy or Love of God. They put fear in the hearts of their members, as a result, a performance spirit is birthed among their community and the Love of God is barely experienced. Grace turns to works, and the members end up bound by a pressure to prove their righteousness instead of relying on faith and grace.

I’ve seen churches like these where the leaders condemn members who make mistakes and fall short out of ignorance. Often times, leaders of such communities may use their authority as prophets or teachers to justify their negative remarks, instead of humbling themselves and speaking the truth in love (see Ephesians 4:15). Most of these churches are often immature in their knowledge of the Love of God, so they often carry words of condemnation, judgment, and rebuke. As a result, their members serve God out of fear and performance instead of Love.

Find a church that is less judgemental and open-minded:

 My first community when I got saved was filled with judgemental Christians (I admit it). As a result, I started to become judgmental. It didn’t last up to three months and I left the group.

I heard an amazing quote from one blogger that said: “If you want to kill evangelism in your church, fill your church with judgemental Christians” and boy was he right. Because a judgemental church will make you cut off all your unsaved friends that Jesus is probably trying to reach through you. As a result, God can’t use you to witness outside the boundaries of the church.

You want to make sure your church is open-minded and receiving of all types of individuals. We all come from various pasts and problems, so it’s important your community embraces all these people instead of picking, choosing and being suspicious. I know communities that condemn individuals who are lukewarm, curious about God, searching, or just wanting to know more. These communities are so judgemental that they slap on labels like “fake Christians” or “false converts” on people, instead of encouraging them to experience the love of God. I warn you to stay away from such places.

Find a church where inner healing and deliverance are stressed:

The truth is, we live in a broken world, as a result, many of us need healing and deliverance on a regular basis. Jesus wants to heal us, and it’s important you find a community that can help you through the process.

When I got saved, I had so many wounds from my abusive past and generational curses on my head and the community I was a part of didn’t teach me anything about healing or deliverance. The believers in the community told me to expect suffering and persecution, so I buried my wounds thinking it was a part of the process as a believer, only to end up worse than before. The untreated wound soon began to manifest as anger, depression, and turmoil which threw me further into bondage. Thankfully, Holy Spirit didn’t leave me in there for too long, and I was just recently led to a better community that helped in my healing process.

Find a church rooted in the word:

There are many “motivational speech” churches that misinterpret grace. At the same time, there are many churches that are super-spiritual that they take the word of God out of context. You want to make sure you find a healthy church, where the leaders and members are spiritual and have a proper understanding of the word. Make sure the teacher is able to communicate the word with love in a way that brings correction, training, rebuking and clarity, so you don’t end up in confusion or condemnation.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” – 2 Timothy 3:16

Rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right church for you:

Know that God wants you to be part of a healthy church that loves you and looks out for you. If you don’t feel peace about a church, it may be time to seek the Lord to know His plan for your spiritual life. I do not recommend staying in a community that makes you feel condemned and judged and I also don’t recommend staying in a community where you barely experience the Love of God. So use this time to delve into prayer and ask the Lord to guide you to where you need to be.

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