My Direct Attitude

Recently, I was talking with Holy Spirit about my direct attitude and how people respond to it. Because I truly believe I’ve created a ton of enemies (even amongst people I don’t even know) as a result of it.

So if you don’t know this already, I am a very direct, honest and blunt person. I don’t sugarcoat the truth from people, and oftentimes, this really offends people.

It’s in my DNA to be very direct. And I truly believe Father God created me to be this way. However, I can’t tell you how many times I have tried not to come off as direct to people without having it backfire on me.

As a result of this, people tend to think I’m prideful and mean without realizing that I REALLY do care about people. I just don’t know how to not be blunt.

I truly believe we live in a world where everyone desires to be spoon-fed and pampered. And the moment we meet someone who doesn’t spoon-feed us, we get offended.

And for some reason, I happen to be that “someone”.

That’s why I love bloggers like Mark Manson who don’t really care about being direct and upfront with people. Because honestly, we need more people like him in today’s society.

If we constantly seek after people that tell us what our itching ears want to hear, we will never progress as a society and as individuals. Because our ego wants to be fed with words that keep us in a place of dogmatism.

To mature as individuals, we need to stay in search of truth, even when it hurts. That way, we will be able to work on the root issues that negatively affect us.

With that being said, I too am very critical of myself. I constantly tell the Lord to search my heart and reveal yucky things in there. And I do make a conscious effort to confess what He reveals, even to people who hate me.

I personally tend to share 2% of what happens in my life on the blog and give advice based on it, yet people make up assumptions about me regardless. But hey, that’s the type of society we live in and being direct isn’t always favored.

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