Making An Impact Without Even Knowing

Yesterday, I was telling Father that I felt like giving up again. I wanted to delete my faith-related content and run away from the calling He placed on my life because I somehow believed the lie that I wasn’t making an impact on anyone.

I kept saying things like “God, no one cares about my faith-related content”. “No one gets encouraged by these things you keep telling me to put out” “People would think my encounters are weird” “I’m going to be misunderstood again” “No one cares about this stuff” “I feel like I’m wasting my time” “There are already too many people preaching and prophesying, I’m not needed” “I’m not qualified for this” “People will think I’m weird” “People only like my food and makeup related content” 

And the complaining went on and on and on.

Then Father started to show me that I’ve been making an impact on people right on this blog and other platforms of mine without even knowing it. *facepalm*

But because I was so focused on numbers, I couldn’t see the impact I was actually making on people.

Many of my posts are written and uploaded around midnight when I’m about to sleep. And oftentimes, I tend to make A TON of grammatical errors. But then I wouldn’t even care about the errors, because I believed the lie that no one read my content. Only for me to find out recently that quite a lot of you actually do. Including friends and family members that I barely even talk to.

I had no idea that you guys read my posts. Honestly, I didn’t even think anyone cared about what I was sharing (although I stayed consistent thinking people did). As a result, I felt like giving up.

And this goes back to why I gave up the last time because I somehow believed that no one really cared about my content. As a result, I switched over to secular content, hoping that maybe it will be of value to someone, without realizing that it wasn’t.

From what Father showed me on my analytics, turns out A TON of you actually read my life posts way more than other contents I post. And I’ve been very silly to not pay attention to it.

Super sorry to those of you who actually read my content. I apologize for writing posts at 3 am in the morning with grammatical errors. And I also apologize for even wanting to give up.

Now I know why I’ve been getting SEVERAL attacks from the enemy. Because for a while, I was so confused as to why I kept getting all these attacks, without realizing that it’s because people actually benefit from this stuff.

To those of you who read my faith-related content, I honestly appreciate you guys. Keep me in your prayers, because the warfare I face on a daily basis is HUGE! 

I honestly love you all so much, and I’m very thankful for your support.

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