Jesus Is King And Fun To Hang With, Stop Being Self-Righteous

Jesus Is King!

I’m going to be brutally honest and open in this post because I believe we’ve gotten to a time in Christianity where a lot of believers are literally legalistic. Many don’t know or understand the “grace” and  “Love of God” that they have literally become self-righteous and performing.

I’d be honest, when I got saved, I was legalistic. At that time, I was part of an online Christian community that had many judgmental Christians who will call you out the moment you fall short. As a result, I developed a performance spirit. Not long after (2 months to be exact), I left the community because the Love of God I was experiencing in my heart did not match what I was seeing in the community. And I felt that leaving was the best option for me.

As my walk with Jesus grew, I began to get a better understanding of His grace and Love. And as that understanding grew, so did my love for Him. However, because I used to care about with the opinions of man, instead of God, I found myself in another pit seeking to know about Jesus from twitter pastors (lol, you know yourselves) instead of the intimacy I already hadAs a result, that performance spirit came around again to try and torment me. But thank Jesus it didn’t succeed for long.

So for those of you who don’t know what a performance spirit is, let me just give you a brief summary.

A performance spirit is basically a spirit that causes a person to “perform”. Most Christians who have this spirit operating in them will try to serve God out of fear instead of Love. As a result, they end up becoming very self-righteous and judgemental because they believe their self-righteousness fuels their intimacy with God, without realizing it’s God’s love, mercy, and grace that fuels it.

Due to such thinking, that spirit will often cause them to act out in performance. And because their understanding of God’s grace and love is still flawed, they often find themselves struggling with sin. Don’t get me wrong, some of these individuals might actually love God sincerely. But because their understanding of God’s grace and love is hindered, they end up performing to show God that He can love them, instead of knowing that they are loved regardless.

Individuals like this tend to preach more about Hell and judgment instead of the good news of Jesus Christ, as a result, a lot of the people they influence turn to God only because of the fear of Hell.

Jesus is King

Here are some signs that you might be Self-righteous:

1.) You cut off all your friends because you believe they’re not as holy as you: As a result, God can’t use you outside the boundaries of the church because your pride won’t allow you to witness.

2.) You take the scriptures too literally: You might even end up plucking out your eye because you read it in the scriptures to pluck out your eyes to avoid sin.

3.) You don’t believe in inner healing and deliverance: As a result, you end up staying bound and the people around you stay bound. You will be put off by the idea of Christians needing deliverance because your pride won’t let you seek help.

4.) You’re fault-finding: You become like the religious Pharisees, looking for faults in every person that is a believer. For example, if someone (who used to live in sin) talks about knowing God or Christianity, you become extremely suspicious of them to the point that you start finding fault to condemn them.

5.) You only surround yourself with people that think like you: Your pride will cause you to be fault-finding, so you only surround yourself with people who are self-righteous and judgemental.

6.) Your revelation of the Love of God and Grace is skewed: Because you’re operating from a performance spirit, you don’t have an accurate revelation of God’s love. You might even see God through the eyes of judgment instead of love.

7.) You are too serious: You become extremely serious in your walk, which eventually leads to burn out and guilt. Sometimes you find yourself condemning those who are not as serious as you are.

8.) You care too much about your reputation: Inwardly you might be struggling with your walk, but outwardly, you act like you have it all together.

9.) You don’t really Love people: You will be the first person to tell everyone else to pray for unbelievers, yet you are still the first to judge new converts with suspicion.

10.) You are Jealous: If God raises up someone else and they begin to gain attraction, you become very suspicious and jealous and may go to extents to discredit them.

11.) You condemn those who are weak in faith: Like the Pharisees, you don’t encourage those whose faith is weak, rather you condemn them and even go to extents to label them as “false prophets” or “false converts”. 

12.) You are a know-it-all: If someone’s theology does not agree with yours, you automatically condemn them. As a result, you’re not teachable.

Dear reader, if any of these signs stand out to you, you might be dealing with a religious spirit.

With that being said, Jesus is King and fun to hang with. He’s not the God who wants to punish you immediately you fall short or condemn you for not being perfect. Instead, He wants you to know yourself IN Him.

He is a very chill person and His love is too deep and sweet. Plus, He loves to have fun and wants to play with you just as much as you want to play with Him.

Obviously, as a Christian, you should NOT be entertaining sin, but that doesn’t give you the license to become self-righteous and performing.

Jesus is King: 

Walking in Fear = Performing to show God that you are righteous and worthy of being loved by Him

Walking in Love = Understands that you are loved by Him, regardless of if you fall short or not. 

God is Love and He will never stop being Love. So let go of that self-righteous performance spirit and embrace your identity.

Jesus is King!

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