Happiness Is A Lie

At times, when a person goes through suffering, it can be very tempting to see all the problems within and seek after worldly comforts as a solution to the suffering. But there comes a time when the suffering worsens and begins to develop a character that completely causes the individual to surrender. And in my case, I feel like I’ve finally reached that place.

And I love it.

I know this might sound strange to some of you reading this. But I’ve come to see the value in suffering and the character it produces within me.

It has caused me to relate with most people, even those that society sees as insignificant. And it has also allowed me to become a risk-taker, knowing that my faith is backed up by my powerful saviour.

I’ve come to see suffering as a way of truly killing my flesh. Because when all hope is lost and there’s nothing to cling to, I’m forced to run back to my only source of comfort and surrender to Him.

I love my suffering.. Most importantly, I love the inner work of restoration and refining it does within me. The humility it births and the character it produces draws me deeper into the knowledge of the one who suffered for me. And that in of itself is a blessing.

Suffering has given me a better understanding of love. Not just for myself, but for others as well.

I have come to understand that in order to truly love others, we have to be willing to suffer for them. And thankfully, with my suffering, I have become a blessing to others.

My pain brought healing to another soul. My trauma set an abused individual free.

And although it might sound silly to say this, suffering does bear fruit.

“He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more – John 15:2″

Happiness is a lie

I’ve come to know from my suffering that happiness in of itself is not something that can be found because it doesn’t necessarily exist (especially in this life). Because if it did, I’m pretty sure Jesus would have emphasized it.

With that being said, I do believe in satisfaction and peace. These are two things that do exist. And they both come from the same source.

It’s impossible to have one without the other because when you have one, you automatically have the other.

Jesus Himself is Peace and satisfaction. And the truth is, if you have Him, you have everything. But if you don’t have Him, you would continuously stay in search for happiness that is completely non-existent.

The scripture says that human desire is never satisfied (Proverbs 27:20), and it also says that in this life we would have many trials and sorrow (John 16:33)

So that means that if we constantly look for happiness, we would ultimately end up in depression. Because it’s dangerous to have hope in something that doesn’t exist. Especially when we’ve been guaranteed many trials and sorrow.

Ecclesiastes puts it this way.. “everything is meaningless”. Even with his great wealth and wisdom, he still came to the awareness that seeking happiness is silly.. because at the end of the day there really isn’t anything meaningful to get from this life.

It’s only in Jesus that we can have meaning and life to the fullest.

And it’s sad that there’s a lot of people today who are in search of happiness but are finding depression. Because they haven’t come to the awareness that happiness is a lie.

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