Daddy’s Home: I Have A New Earthly Father And He’s Amazing

3 days ago as I was getting ready to record a new video on my youtube channel called A Letter to the Imperfect ChristianI suddenly started to feel my dad’s presence strongly.

Usually, whenever His presence shows up strongly, I always have this huge grin on my face that often times signals Holy Spirit smiling through me.

So as I stood there at my mirror applying my makeup, I suddely began to hear the song “Daddy’s Home” by Travis Greene.

Mind you, I’ve never heard this song before, so when it came on and I suddenly had this huge grin and emotions flowing through me, I knew for a fact that Daddy was trying to speak to me.

So I decided to listen closely to the lyrics. And the following lines started speaking to me and almost made me tear up.

“I feel a wind, a wind of restoration just blowing through and God is giving you back your identity
What you’ve been searching for, what someone stole from you
God said: No, no, no, you belong to me daughter,

You’ve been searching for your identity, oh oh oh oh
Someone to give you hope and something you could believe, hm
Search no longer, He’s waiting for you
The search is over, all you have to do is let me
Search no longer
Search no longer, He’s waiting for you
The search is over, all you have to do is let me
‘Cause Daddy’s home, yeah (oh oh oh) wooh”

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After listening to that song, I had to save it on my playlist because that message was for me.

Apparently, I’ve been searching for my identity for a while now. And I knew for a fact that it was stolen from me. Because for the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a lot of insecurity within me. Part of it being that I didn’t feel worthy to be used by God.

I basically was searching for myself in self-help books, motivational speakers and pretty much anything the world could offer me. I even began to take on the identity of different personalities that I looked up to, and because of that, the enemy kept playing games on me.

And honestly, this was solely because I was so wounded with everything that happened within the past couple months–From getting out of an extremely abusive relationship to losing my dad in the process–that I was willing to settle for anything.

And if you don’t already know, a wounded soul gives an open door to the devil and his demons. Hence why it was so easy for me to get attacked.

Thankfully, my dad showed up..

“He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3”

And honestly, Him showing up brought about a ton of healing and restoration. As well as clarity on what my calling actually is. Because I honestly had many doubts about my purpose which caused me to run away from my call and chase after worldly desires.

Daddy's home

sitting on the grass cause daddy's home now

Daddy’s Home 

The devil is funny though–he really thought that getting rid of my earthly father would ruin everything for me. But he didn’t realize that getting rid of him only created a door to have God as my new Earthly Father.

And honestly, He’s the best Father I could ever ask for.

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy dwelling. – Psalm 68:5″

I don’t only get to call Him Father, but dad too. And it’s pretty amazing to do so.

Anyways, with all that being said, it’s nice to see intimacy revive again with me and dad. Because for a while now, I’ve been slacking on being intimate with Him.

When school resumed earlier this year, I got so busy, distracted and tempted that I literally became so spiritually low and exhausted. And that in itself caused me to drift away from intimacy.

But now that it’s summer and I’m at a much better head space, I feel like now’s the best time to really catch up with dad and figure out what His next moves are.

I’d be sure to keep you guys posted on what goes on…

Till next time,

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