Today, I just felt very sad. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I just felt heavy.

I went over to see a friend of mine who recently received Jesus into his heart. And right before visiting, Holy Spirit was telling me about His walk and how he’s falling into deception. So I decided I would step in and see how bad it was.

When I went over, I could already sense a very strong demonic presence in his home. I decided to calm myself down and catch up with him, but for some reason, I just couldn’t shake off what I was sensing.

We proceeded to talk about life and his walk with Jesus. And before the conversation even went deeper, I could hear Holy Spirit saying “Idolatry”. 

Apparently, because this person comes from a Buddhist upbringing, it became very clear that his walk with Jesus was weak. And since he had not renounced his idol worship, his relationship with Jesus suffered greatly.

I proceeded to speak to him about the Lord and the dangers of idol worship. But at that moment, I honestly felt like I couldn’t get my words out. The presence of those entities was so strong that I could honestly sense the deception all around him.

Regardless, I stood boldly for Christ, declaring truth where necessary. And after the conversation ended, I decided to leave.

When I finally got to my car, I just glanced at my steering wheel and sobbed. The burden that Father had placed in my heart since the time I got saved increased greatly. And I just found myself weeping.

I started thinking of all the souls that are lost in deception as well as the souls that didn’t know Christ before passing, and my weeping grew.

It’s one of those burdens that come to me every once in a while, but today it just hit. And I couldn’t help but weep.

My prayer is that those who are lost will be found. And those who are in deception would know Truth.

I don’t even know how to really type this post, but my heart feels so broken…

Till next time,

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