Are You Wounded And Need Healing? This Post Is For You

Have you ever been wounded or gotten a scar somewhere on your body (without knowing), only for you to find it a couple of days later wondering where it possibly came from? Well, I’m pretty sure you have.. hence why this blog post is very important.

Apparently, there are many of us, even some of you reading this post that are wounded. But because you haven’t identified or found the scar yet, you are still walking around with an infection, wondering where the cause of all your troubles came from.

For a while now, the Lord has been teaching me a lot about wounds. Most importantly, the wounds that haven’t been identified. Because these unidentified wounds tend to be the biggest door the enemy uses to walk into people’s lives and cause havoc. And if left unattended to, might just continue to cause more infections.

Are you wounded? 

The Lord is putting it in my heart that there are some of you reading this who are still living in denial about being wounded. Everything in your life seems to be going fine on the outside. But for some reason, you still can’t find satisfaction.

You might find yourself working a lot, eating a lot, partying a lot, drinking or even sleeping around. Because you believe that those things are giving you the satisfaction you so desperately desire, without realizing that it’s all happening due to a wound that is infected.

Not to worry though, I will be sharing some questions that I would like you to really ask yourself to start identifying your wounds. But before I do, I want you to pray this short prayer in faith. Because I believe that Father wants to reveal these wounds to you so that you can be healed.


“Lord, open my eyes and my mind and reveal where my wounds are in Jesus name”

Once you’ve prayed that prayer, I believe Father is going to give you a vision or a thought that can point you in the direction of where you’re wounded.

Don’t brush off what He might reveal to you, even though you may have probably forgotten about the situation or incident. Often times, the situations we’ve ignored and buried within us are usually the culprit the enemy uses as an open door. And if you choose to ignore it and not see it as important, you will continue to give him legal grounds to keep causing afflictions in your life.

With that being said, here are some questions I need you to ask yourself if you’re currently wounded and are still living in denial.

Are you wounded?

1.) Are you afraid of getting hurt?: Do you find it difficult to receive love or show love to others out of the fear that if they get close, they’ll take advantage and hurt you? Usually, this happens as a result of being wounded.

2.) Do you find yourself in repeated cycles of failure?: Are you always going from relationship to relationship only to end up heartbroken in the end? Or maybe you’ve applied for a job multiples times but you end up never getting the position. Perhaps, it could be in terms of your marriage–maybe you’ve been married a couple of times only to have it continuously end in divorce? This usually occurs as a result of being wounded. And if you don’t discover that scar soon enough for healing, you will just keep delaying your progress.

3.) What desires are you chasing after and why?: What are your motives behind the desires you are chasing after? Often times we tend to see the world through the eyes of our wounds and that tends to affect the desires we seek after. So do a self-assessment and ask yourself the motive behind your desires. Are you doing it to feel important? Or maybe you want to show others that you aren’t a failure? Regardless of what it is, if your motive is leading towards a more self-centred approach, odds are you might be wounded and need healing.

4.) Are you constantly angry and condemning others?: Do people tend to pull away from you because your attitude ticks them off? Or perhaps you always find the negatives in everything without acknowledging the positives when it’s in front of you? Chances are you might be wounded and need to find the scar in other to get healed and break free from this bondage.

5.) Are you occupying yourself with activities?: Maybe you are working a lot, partying a lot or getting in cycles of relationships. Or perhaps, you find yourself sleeping around and relying on alcohol to fill a void in your heart? Most times, this happens as a result of being wounded somewhere. And it’s about time you have Jesus step in and heal you.

6.) Do you isolate yourself a lot?: Are you always keeping to yourself? Do you find it hard to bond with others out of the fear of rejection? Or maybe you find it difficult to be vulnerable and transparent with people because you don’t want them to see what you’re really like? Regardless of what the reason is, it’s important you know that Jesus wants to heal you and isolation in of itself is actually a weapon the enemy uses to kill, steal and destroy.

7.) Do you feel the need to prove?: Maybe you are a people pleaser. Or perhaps you’re trying to show others that you are not a failure, so you go to massive lengths to prove it. If that sounds like what you’re currently doing, it’s important that you start finding those wounds and allow the Lord to heal you.

Are you healed?

With these 7 points, I do hope that it will help you guys to start looking within yourself to figure out where this scar is.

The bible says; By His wounds, we are healed — 1 Peter 2:24. And it’s important you understand that that verse isn’t just speaking of physical healing only, but also emotional and spiritual healing as well.

A lot of times, most spiritual or emotional wounds that are left unhealed tend to manifest themselves as physical wounds. And if those spiritual wounds aren’t closed yet, it would be very difficult for the physical healing to happen. Hence why it’s important you allow the Lord to begin revealing the areas where you need emotional and spiritual healing.

Problems that block Healing 

Now that you’re starting to become aware of some of these wounds, I do want to share with you guys a few things that could possibly block your healing from happening if you’re not careful.

When the Lord wants to begin a deep work of healing, oftentimes, the enemy tries to stop it by putting up some of these blockages. So it’s important that you are aware of it soon enough so that you don’t prevent the deep work that Father is trying to do in your heart.

Problem #1: Not Identifying your root wound

Sometimes, the enemy may try to make you become unaware of the root wound so that your ignorance will block your healing. But the devil is a liar and I hope the Lord would show you your root wound so that when He begins the healing process, all the areas of pain will be fully dealt with.

Often times, people tend to assume that their wound probably came from a recent painful experience they had without realizing that such an experience could only be part of the infections that came from a much older scar.

So for example, one might believe that their root wound might be a bad relationship they faced recently without realizing that the root wound actually comes from being verbally insulted by their parents during childhood.

But since the enemy likes to steal and is also a master manipulator. He oftentimes makes us believe that those wounds aren’t important. So we may even brush them off and ignore it, without realizing that it’s a scar that begins to give him an open door into our lives.

Dear reader, don’t ignore those wounds, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem. Because the Lord wants you to be aware of it and surrender it to Him for you total healing to take place.

do you need healing?

Problem #2: Not being transparent about sins 

I know some of you might read this and be like huh? How does sin transparency stop healing? But listen, the bible says “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so you may be healed” – James 5:16. 

It’s important you understand that Father just doesn’t want you to confess your sins to Him alone, but to others as well. Especially to those who have been hurt by your sins or an accountable member in the body of Christ.

This helps to break off the hold the enemy has on you by exposing his agenda. Darkness hides, while light shines. And the enemy knows very well that if he can stop you from being transparent, then he will still have a door to keep bringing these issues into your life. Hence why it’s important you expose him.

Don’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices – 2 Corinthians 2:11.

Do not allow him to keep feeding you with the lie that as long as you confess your sins to God, then you’re okay. Because he does that to keep the hold he still has on you. And if he still has the door open to enter your life, those wounds won’t be fully healed. So confess it out and see what the light of God will do to you.

I hear stories of believers who struggle with lust. And oftentimes, the lust usually ends up overcoming them because they couldn’t be honest and transparent about such sin. With that, the enemy then keeps finding doors to step in and harm them, hence why it’s important that you become more open about your sins.

Problems #3: Rebellion and Disobedience

It’s impossible for healing to happen if you remain in rebellion and disobedience. I myself can testify to this because there were times I rebelled which caused the healing that Father was doing in my life to come to a halt. And because of it, the enemy came and caused more infections to my wounds, which result in more guilt, shame and wounds.

So it’s important that you don’t remain in disobedience and rebellion. Because God wants you to be fully restored and walk in your Identity, but if you continuously choose to be disobedient and rebellious, it will be very difficult for Him to finish the deep work of healing that He’s doing in you. And oftentimes that incompletion creates more doors for the enemy to come in and keep you wounded.

The bible says; He heals the brokenhearted and bindeth up their wounds – Psalm 147:3. And from that verse, it’s important that you don’t remain in rebellion and disobedience so that you can be fully restored by the one who does the restoration.

Are you wounded?

Problem #4: Pride 

The biggest reason why a lot of wounded people don’t receive their healing is because of the pride that is still sitting in their hearts. It takes humility to confess your sins to others and it also takes humility to look within yourself and admit the possibility of a wound. Most importantly, it takes humility to come to Father for healing. Hence why you should humble yourself and seek Him.

Another reason why pride blocks healing is because a lot of people still tend to hold on to the desire to prove to others that they aren’t a failure. And because of it, they tend to hold on to their pride and block their healing from happening.

If you truly want to be healed and whole, it’s important that you surrender that pride and humble yourself before God and others. Let go of that desire to prove and embrace the Identity that the Lord is willing to give you. Know that His love and grace is really all you need.. and nothing else can give you satisfaction, even those you’re trying to prove yourself to.

Problem #5: Unforgiveness

This is a huge huge factor that usually blocks people’s healing from taking place. Holding onto unforgiveness not only blocks your healing but stops God from forgiving you as well.

The bible says; For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. — Matthew 6:14-15. 

And with that verse, it’s important you understand how important forgiveness is to God. If He could forgive you and cleanse you from your sins, what gives you the right to not forgive others?

I know it can be very difficult to forgive those that hurt us. Even I struggled with this for a long time. But since God has been doing a deep work of healing in my heart, forgiving others has become much easier.

Know that we are all wounded in some way and because of that, we tend to hurt each other. You probably have people you might have hurt as well, so know that no one is perfect and hurt people, hurt people.

So forgive those who might have hurt you in some way shape or form and know that the Lord wants you to surrender the hurt to Him for your healing to take place.

Problem #6: Hardened Heart 

In one of my recent post, I briefly talked about the dangers of hardening your heart or creating walls around your heart. Because it tends to block not only people’s love but God’s love from flowing through.

Often times, people harden their hearts out of fear that others might hurt them. Their wounds are so infected and deep that they believe that if others step in, they will cause more infections.

However, I’m here to let you that all of that is a lie Satan tries to feed you to prevent you from fully receiving Fathers love. Understand that God doesn’t want you to keep doing that to yourself. Because the truth is, when He starts healing you, He will bring in the right people who will show you His love and not take advantage of you.

He is a very loving Father and I pray that today you open up your heart to receive is love and Healing.

If you’re wounded, Let me know in the comments if this post blessed you..

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