My Jesus Testimony – Part 1

I once posted my Jesus testimony online back in 2018, but I took it down because I wrote it in a haste without telling my entire story. But since I was recently moved to talk about it, I decided to post it again.

Honestly, my testimony is super long, but I will try and summarize it in this blog post so that the message is clear. I do intend to go into more details one day about my testimony, but for now, I will share with you guys some of the things that happened in my life so that it can encourage those who read.

Growing up: 

So I grew up in a Christian home. My mom used to take us to church all the time. However, my dad wasn’t really active in going to church.

Growing up was scary for me. I went through verbal and physical abuse from my father who was an alcoholic and my siblings who just happened to be products of an alcoholic father. As a result, I kept seeking love from places that weren’t home.

Not to make my father seem bad (because he was a really good dad when sober and always provided for us), but I honestly believe he was tormented in his soul by demons who just didn’t want the best for him.

If you are familiar with alcoholics, then you will know that they tend to be very bipolar. One moment, they could show you all the love in the world and the very next moment, they could turn very cold on you.

And since I was exposed to that kind of environment, I ended up never knowing when my father would snap at me.

I ended up carrying so much fear within me that it felt almost impossible for me to shake it off.

He was also very bent on us having good grades, so I always felt the need to perform well in school to receive his love.

Then middle and high school came. 

My parents decided to ship me off to boarding school. And trust me, boarding school in Nigeria is the worst thing EVER!

I honestly hated it soo much and wanted to get out as much as possible, so I always came up with ways to escape– Sometimes faking sicknesses just to get out. (Sorry mom). 

Anyway, I got bullied a lot by seniors in secondary school. It was a nightmare. And coming from a home where I already experienced some form of abuse, it was devastating to continue experiencing it in school.

I also struggled with my identity a lot. So I used to tell lies and just pretend to be someone I’m not because I felt so undervalued. Oh how I wish I knew Jesus back then, it would have been a breeze for me.

Once I graduated from High school, I told my mom I wanted to school in the States to escape the hurt I felt at home.

She agreed. However, my father, who was responsible for our tuition fees, was not buying the idea. He wanted to force me to stay back home. But something in me just knew I needed to be like Abraham and come out of my father’s house.

So my mom and I secretly started planning my trip to the States. And God was honestly providing the resources for me to travel, though we had serious financial crises.

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Coming to the states

The day I traveled to the States, my father was not even aware because he had traveled out for work. But he eventually found out and was shocked to know that the resources were miraculously provided and I had already traveled.

Since moving to the states, my life took a 360 turn around in a negative way. The devil honestly set out to kill me. NO JOKE!

I started engaging in all forms of immorality; Sexual immorality, seduction, lust, lying, fighting, gossiping, makeup idolatry, manipulation, occult practices (like reading zodiac signs, etc).

I had no conviction.

Like everyone else, I was seeking love and felt the best way for me to gain it was to join the crowd. So I joined them in engaging in all forms of bad practices and used to jump from relationship to relationship with men, only to end up heartbroken. I even ended up living with an ex boyfriend who happened to be a satanic agent. That relationship was so terrible and abusive.

I was basically so wasted. I also used to be pro-choice and would support abortions and do what society considered “freedom”. Even with fornication, I felt that it was okay to “try before you buy” but I was deceived.

Reading horoscopes was another thing too that I was very interested in. In fact, I used to spend hours just watching youtube videos about horoscopes and card readings and stupid things like that.

I used to do it “just for fun”, but little did I know that “fun” was actually opening many demonic doors in my life. If you’re reading this and you think horoscope reading is not bad, you need to stop it immediately.

The need to be loved hunted me for so many years that I had to wear a mask in order to appease society and feel accepted.

Anyway, I eventually reached a point in my life where I became so depressed and tired of life.

I had just gotten out of a relationship with a toxic ex boyfriend who only made my life miserable and depressing.

To be honest, when I was dating him, my mom used to secretly pray for us to break up (LOL). And I honestly believe God heard her prayers.

Looking back, I’m so glad she prayed, because her prayers really brought me to where I am today. There is power in our mother’s prayers y’all.

Finding the Lord: My Jesus Testimony

Because of all the hurt I had experienced, I eventually ended up diving deeper into new age practices. I would spend hours watching stupid horoscope videos on youtube to distract myself from the pain I was feeling.

I even ended up hating God because I thought He was causing so much pain and frustration in my life. So I decided to give up on Him.

Since I was wasting my time watching horoscopes, I eventually decided one day to purchase tarot cards on amazon.

The day it arrived in my mailbox, something told me “Don’t bring it into your home”. 

There was this strong pull in my heart (which I now know to be the Holy Spirit) to not go to my mailbox. So I decided to just stay in my room the whole day watching more stupid videos.

That same night, I started feeling very depressed. It was like depression and suicidal thoughts were eating me up.

So I decided to muscle up the courage and call on Jesus (who I honestly didn’t truly believe in at that time) and told Him that if He was real, then He should reveal himself to me.

I didn’t think anything was going to happen that night alone in my apartment. But Jesus really SHOWED UP!

All of a sudden, all the videos on my youtube recommendation started changing to testimonies about Jesus. I was confused!

So I decided to watch them.

Then I stumbled across a testimony that talked about how horoscopes were demonic and of the occult. I was like “WHAT! for real???”.

Because growing up, my mom always warned my siblings and I to stay away from Occultism. But I had no idea horoscopes were occultic. I literally just thought it was fun and games.

Anyways, after watching their testimonies. Fear gripped me so strongly, but at the same time I also had this anger inside of me at the devil. It was as if a veil was lifted from my eyes and I became so angry at the devil.

I went straight to my mailbox, picked the mail and took it straight to the trash can. I didn’t even open it.

Then I came back to my room and was filled with so much conviction that I started weeping and confessing all my sins. I told Jesus to come into my heart, and guys.. His presence was really strong in my room.

I started reading out psalm 91 out loud and noticed some spirits begin to leave me. It was powerful and unexplainable.

I eventually went to bed and slept like a baby. For the first time I felt peace; a Peace that I can’t honestly explain in words.

Since then, I’ve had a strong desire to live holy and forsake evil, even when I fall short. The conviction I never used to have before, I now have it more often. And repentance is so common to me.

I honestly became a new person and the immoral passions I used to have disappeared.

There’s still more to my Jesus testimony because a lot more happened after I got saved which I would tell in a part 2 sometime in the future. But for now, Jesus is still Lord.

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