Intro Episode – Arrested By God

Most people get saved after they hear a sermon from an anointed preacher that sends conviction and brings them on their knees to the Father. But for me, that wasn’t exactly how my salvation happened. In fact, my story was pretty much the opposite, as I had no preacher, no church, no sermon and no Christian friend to bring me to the Father. I was basically all alone when it happened, and I truly feel like that’s what makes my story very different.


A year ago, I found myself alone in a one bedroom apartment after running away from my narcissistic ex-boyfriend. I was hopeless, broken, depressed and completely shattered, and at that point in time, it felt like my whole world was crashing down. I had invested almost 2 years with someone I thought was Mr Right and I had no idea how to mend back the pieces of my broken heart.

Like most women who manage to escape a toxic relationship with a narcissist, I found myself in the position of seeking therapy to heal myself. It was the most difficult season of my entire life, and all I truly wanted was to forget the fact that I was hurting from an ex-lover.

So on my journey back to self-discovery, I found myself in a position of seeking answers. I wanted to know my purpose and identity because I was so damaged mentally and emotionally that I felt life wasn’t making sense anymore.

I thought of ways to heal, and coming from a Christian home, I decided to go back to church to find meaning.

Thinking that I would finally get the answers I was looking for, I instead found myself surrounded by believers who judged me, criticized me and made me feel unworthy to be in the presence of God.

That made my desperation for answers and healing seem hopeless and I decided to look elsewhere for meaning.

During my search for meaning, I stumbled across the New Age Movement, which comprises of all sorts of spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, energy healing, use of crystals, etc… And not knowing the danger of such practices, I got myself involved in it as I felt it was the only option available to help my process of healing.

I was in it for a while, and I truly believed I was healing, even though a huge part of me still felt quite void, hopeless and empty.

Then one day after all my frustration, I found myself alone sitting in my kitchen just depressed and exhausted. I was sick of everything. Life, Love, Hope, you name it. I was done.

But then, I didn’t want to give up just yet without asking Jesus one question, even though I didn’t believe in Him or His existence.

I said: “Jesus if you’re listening, please lead me to Truth, show me if what I’m doing is right or wrong, cause I don’t know”

And thinking I wouldn’t get a response, I got one quicker than I could say “butterscotch”.

I went on youtube, and I began to see a ton of recommended videos talking about the dangers of the New Age and how demonic it is. Mind you, I NEVER used to see such recommendations before, so when I started seeing them, I knew very well Jesus was trying to tell me something

I renounced New Age that very day and gave my life to Him. And since then, I’ve been set free.

With that being said, if you know anyone who might be involved in this new age practice, I strongly recommend you pray for them and that you DO NOT judge them. A lot of the people who are still involved in this practice are lost, and some are even very damaged and broken that they have no idea what they’re getting themselves into like I did. So it’s very important that you do not look down on them or judge them, ESPECIALLY if you are a believer. Instead, preach truth to them in a loving way and show them where they might be wrong in their understanding of scripture. Most importantly, continue to pray for them in the process while still showing love to them. They are dealing with an antichrist spirit and it’s important you don’t hold back truth from them by passing judgement. Remember, you are planting seeds for every moment you speak truth. 


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