20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About God

I’m here to tell you that there are so many sides of God that you probably didn’t know about. Every day He surprises me with a new side of Him and it’s honestly so amazing to see. And from what I’ve learned so far spending time in His presence, I’m here to share some things you probably did not know about Him.

1.) He is super funny.

You may probably think I’m crazy because of how much I spend time with God and no other human, but I promise, this is one of the reasons why. You think Kevin Hart is funny? Ohh.. you surely haven’t spent enough time with Holy Spirit then. Because He has an amazing sense of humour that you would never find in any human being.

Each time I’m with Him, there’s never a minute that goes by that I don’t laugh myself off. Because He does a lot of things to get me laughing– even when things around me don’t seem to be going great.

2.) He laughs A LOT… 

Oh boy! Holy laughter is very real, and I’m a living proof that it is absolutely real. Father loves to laugh a lot– even at the silliest things we do. He laughs at it. Who do you think created laughter?? He did. And He does laugh a ton.

Sometimes I would be on the phone with a friend having a conversation, and if we say something very funny, He laughs at it. The same also happens each time I have a thought that is absolutely ridiculous. He even laughs at the Atheist who thinks He doesn’t exist.

It’s very sad that people usually see Father as being too serious and hardcore, but He really isn’t like that. He is actually really chill to hang with. And I love Him.

TIP: Watch comedy movies with Him. I promise you won’t regret it.

things you didn't know about God

3.) He plays pranks

By this I mean, His pranks are more in form of jokes that are actually super funny.

4.) He sends angels to write down your thoughts

Guys!!! Your thoughts are key because angels do record them and report it to Him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you sooner.

5.) He smiles very often (like A LOT)

And He has all kinds of ways to smile. There’s the wide smile and the side cheek smile which are just a few of my favourites.

6.) Oh, He will so humble you

Take it from someone who had to learn humility the hard way.

7.) He has the sexiest voice EVER!

Ugh! His voice is so charming. I could listen to it all day.

8.) He is soo full of surprises

Don’t bother trying to figure out His thoughts, He would come with the gotcha move! Trust me, I tried.

9.) He does change His mind

Father is so full of unfailing love, and He is so willing to change His mind because of how much He loves us. Just read the book of Jonah. You’d get what I mean.

things you didn't know about God

10.) He tells secrets

Like your neighbours business or your friend’s secret thoughts.. yeah He’d tell you that.

11.) He would wake you up at odd times to spend time with Him

I can’t seem to escape this one, because the moment I choose to go back to sleep. He keeps me up. And it’s usually at the most inconvenient times. That’s how much He wants to spend the time you. And it’s honestly so much fun with Him.

12.) He is always speaking

I usually hear believers say things like “I’m waiting to hear from God” and it always amazes me when they say that. Because He is always talking and answering us each time we ask Him questions. But people have made it seem like He is so distant and one has to fast and pray for days before he/she can get a word from Him. When in reality, He is always talking. LIKE ALL THE TIME!! But because a lot of people are not in constant fellowship with Him and choose the ways of the world over His ways, it can be very hard to hear Him regularly.

13.) He wants you to praise Him 

He really really delights in our praises. Oh, He loves it so much. He would even ask you to praise Him if you haven’t done so in a while.

14.) He would give you blessings you didn’t ask for 

That purse you want so badly? Nah, He won’t give that to you just yet. Instead, He would give you what you probably didn’t even ask for. He really loves His timing. So stick with it.

things you didn't know about God

15.) He really is Jealous 

No joke. He really is. If that kid or job of yours takes your attention away from Him, He does get jealous.

16.) He loves to test 

I get so tired of this one.

17.) He wants you to know how to fight

By this, I mean fight the enemy. Father doesn’t want you to be a baby all the time. He really wants you to know your authority over the darkness. And He doesn’t mind showing you those demons even though it scares the guts out of you. Believe me, I’m speaking from personal experience.

18.) His Glory Bruh, His glory

Don’t even dare say you did it all by yourself. DON’T EVEN DARE!

19.) He has no favourites

It doesn’t matter if you own a mega church. He is just as interested in that terrorist as much as He’s interested in you.

20.) His discipline is painful 

So please, stop sinning.

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