Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

I recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment (850 sqft) with my friend Abigail. Honestly, since leaving my former 450 sqft apartment, I would admit that it feels really good to have some extra space around here.

Before moving in, Abigail chose to occupy the master bedroom (11′ x 15′) while I chose to occupy the smaller bedroom (9′ x 10′). I really like small spaces as compared to large spaces (especially while tucked in bed binge watching Netflix TV showslol), so choosing the smaller bedroom seemed ideal for me.

However, by the time I moved in, I literally had no idea how to begin decorating. The space felt extremely tiny and I knew I needed to do something about it right away.


First things first, pick a color theme and stick to it. 

Whenever I walk into a bland room that’s lacking a color theme, I always feel the need to come to the rescue and do something about the area immediately. Part of this super hero obsession to color up bland spaces has a lot to do with the fact that my dad was an Architect and designer (so I took those genes), and also the fact that my brain tends to link things with color. I’m a very visual person, and when something lacks color or has too many colors that aren’t in sync, my brain goes into a slight malfunction. So I always make it a habit to color up.

Personally, I use which is a completely free site that allows you generate color palettes simply by pressing the space bar. I love this site so much because it has literally saved me from spending hours upon hours trying to come up with a good color palette that matches my taste. I highly recommend it if you have no understanding of color theory but need some patterns to work with.

How to decorate a small bedroom

For my small bedroom, I chose white, black, pink lemonade, grey and gold. Pink lemonade is actually one of my favorite colors, so I made it the focus color of the palette and incorporated other matching colors. Black, white and grey are colors that compliment other primary colors, so adding them to the mix made the design more attractive.

Stick to corners  

I can’t stress this enough. Working from corner to corner allows you to create center space. So make sure you place all mattresses and study tables at the corners of the room, so you can have more space for movement and center tables (if necessary).

Add mirrors 

Mirrors help to add more depth and dimensions in a room,…. and the bigger the mirror the better!

I find that adding small mirrors don’t necessarily do a good job at creating the depth needed in smaller rooms, so in my case I made sure to pick up this large circle mirror that Abigail has literally become obsessed with. It makes my room look bigger than it really is, and it also makes the whole design pop. The good thing about mirrors is that, you can literally hang it anywhere in the room to create depth. So hanging it around the corners would do just fine…. just make sure it’s visible. 

How to decorate a small bedroom

How to decorate a small bedroom 13 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Shelves and Picture frames make a good decor 

If you have absolutely no idea what to hang on the walls, I highly suggest getting a bunch of cheap picture frame sets as well as some wall shelves to place your favorites accents. I personally printed out some quotes I typed on Microsoft word (canva is a great option too) and placed them in the frames as a mini DIY.

How to decorate a small bedroom 10 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

How to decorate a small bedroom 12 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Add some nature

Adding some greens help to give small rooms a bit more life which I highly recommend in any decor. Getting some cheap artificial plants would do just fine as well…,no need to worry about taking care of live plants.

Light it up! 

Lights are a great way to add some beautiful decor to small rooms, and the more the lights, the brighter and more beautiful the decoration. I personally suggest getting some fairy lights and placing  it around the room or in a specific corner of the room. Fairly lights create coziness and warmth to small rooms, which is definitely a must have when decorating.

Side table lamps are also great for lighting things up in the room if you just happen to dislike fairy lights. I suggest using warm colored bulbs as compared to cold color bulbs, as these tend to create that comfort and cozy feeling that ever small room desperately needs!

How to decorate a small bedroom

Lacking color? Get a clothing rack 

This is totally optional, but if you need a bit more color in your room and you’ve completely ran out of colorful decors, then getting a clothing rack and hanging some clothes within your color theme would do the trick. I literally picked up this cheap clothing rack I found at my local store, and it sure did some wonders.

How to decorate a small bedroom 5 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Throw in area rugs

Don’t leave center spaces bland, instead thrown in an area rug to bring the room together. I personally love using area rugs made out of fur, but you can pick whatever texture suits your fancy. Just make sure it compliments your color theme.

A comfy chair and a book shelf 

If you want just a bit of extra in your teeny tiny space, then adding a small saucer chair as well as a mini book shelf or cube organizer would do the trick. These two items are key in a small room, because they help to create more room for any extra items that need storage as well as a safe space to sit.

How to decorate a small bedroom 2 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

How to decorate a small bedroom 1024x1536 - Small Room Design: How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

I hope this post helps you in decorating your tiny bedroom.

Till next time,

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