7 Killer Tips To Succeed In Engineering As A College Student

Wanna succeed in Engineering as a student? I gotchu.. 

My freshman year as a Chemical Engineering student was pretty easy. At that time, I thought the world was my oyster because everything seemed to be working out in my favour.

My professors taught pretty well. I slept through calculus 1 (and even skipped most lectures) and still had a great GPA. Life was good and college was sweet. And I honestly didn’t mind showing employers my transcript because those A’s looked attractive.

Then junior year showed up… 

and I slowly started to realize I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

Lectures became brutal. Projects took a toll on me. My GPA suffered and my social life was pretty non-existent.

But hey, I scaled through it, hence why I’m typing this post for those of you who are currently Engineering students and want to succeed.

So where are all my fellow Engineers at?? 

Comment below what your major is (if you’re currently a student). And if you’ve graduated and you just happened to randomly find this blog, still comment below what you studied. I would love to know.


  • Don’t think you know it all 

We all have that one kid in class who constantly gets a 100% when the class average is hitting 16%.. and often times he causes the graph to look kinda like this one..

tips to succeed in engineering

If you’re that kid, then you can skip this tip.

But if you’re not, well I’m glad you’re not. Know why? Because the less you know and the more you’re willing to fail, the better you become at Engineering.

Engineering is not for smarties like most people like to believe. In fact, it’s for those who are willing to fail multiple times and get back up multiple times.

The most important thing is that you have a teachable spirit. Be willing to learn from others, even those you don’t consider to be intelligent. I tell you, there’s a chunk of knowledge and ideas that would come to you as a result of humbling yourself to be teachable.

It’s not about how many times you fail, it’s about how many times you’re willing to get back up. 

Engineering is not for smarties like most people like to believe. In fact, it's for those who are willing to fail multiple times and get back up multiple times. Click To Tweet
  • Prepare Early

Don’t be that person who does everything last minute. That would wreck your career. Procrastination has killed many degrees and careers today, so make sure you don’t entertain that habit.

If you want to succeed in engineering, prepare early. Get the required textbooks during the start of the semester and make an effort to do your homework on time. Don’t wait till the last minute to complete homework and projects, or else, you’d be setting yourself up for failure.

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Succeed in Engineering

  • Make Friends With Other Engineering Students

The truth is, Engineering requires teamwork. And if you just happen to be that super introvert who locks himself up in his bedroom 24/7 playing call of duty and has no social life, Engineering will wreck you.

You need people to support and help you in areas where you struggle. Not only that, but Engineering requires a lot of group projects, hence why you need friends to work with.

So get comfortable socializing and making friends with your classmate. Trust me, when homework gets difficult, you’d have your buddies to help you out.

  • Internships

If you choose to ignore every other tip I just listed, DO NOT IGNORE THIS ONE.

Getting that real-world experience is very essential as an Engineering major. Internships help you get a feel of the real world is like. You get the opportunity to apply what you learned in class which would help you understand the material a lot better. Plus, it looks great on your resume.

In addition, internships would help you decide if you should remain in the Engineering field or not. I know people who started off as Engineering majors and gave up as a result of a difficult internship experience.

What you learn in class is just a preview of what you would be doing and learning in the real world. So do take an intern opportunity if you get a chance to. Some college campuses (like mine) make it a requirement in order to graduate. However, if your campus does not make it compulsory, I still suggest you intern.

Succeed in Engineering

  • Network 

I highly suggest joining Engineering organizations on campus to network. Because some of these organization have connections with companies, which could help you in securing internships.

Also, look out for any career fairs these campus organizations might hold. You never know where your next opportunity for an internship might come from, so don’t rule it out completely.

Here’s a LIST of some Engineering organizations you should consider being a part of depending on your major.

  • Take Advantage Of Outside Resources 

Your professor might suck at some point. Get over it.

Instead of going on rate my professor and cursing them out, take advantage of outside resources like Khan Academy, Chegg and Youtube videos. These resources would help you in better understanding the subject, so don’t rule it out.

  • Read Ahead 

Study the lecture material ahead of time, so you will have a better understanding of the material once it’s taught to you. Also, have any questions or concerns you might have about the subject ahead of time, so you can bring it before your professor for an explanation.

That’s all folks! I do hope these tips help you succeed in Engineering. Do leave a comment letting me know some of the challenges you’re currently facing as an Engineering student. I would love to know! 

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