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Maturity As A Believer Is A Requirement

So recently I’ve been so disturbed with the lack of maturity in the body of Christ. I’ve come to realize…


The Little Things

A couple days ago, I was sorting out my makeup products. I needed to sort them out because I wasn’t…



So I’ve been learning so much about Humility and it’s been a good experience. Some of the things I thought…


The World Must Really Think We Are Mad

They must think we are mad! Since Abba started speaking to me, my life has literally taken a new turn.…


Discernment In Deeper Walks With Abba Says A lot

On Saturday night after quiet time with Abba, He told me I had to go to church the following morning…


Hearing God’s Voice More Frequently These Days

Is it just me or is it my thoughts? This is one questions that I continuously keep asking myself, and each…


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